Bad boy Vista! BAD!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Adam Albright, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. I walked away from my computer to come back and find it must have
    rebooted in my absence. I look in the Event Viewer and find this

    {Registry Hive Recovered} Registry hive (file):
    was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been

    Yea I guess, because when it rebooted it trashed my desktop that had
    about 50 icons I had arranged as I wanted and now that's gone and who
    knows what else it didn't recover lumping them all together instead in
    unsorted clump.

    Same old Windows... dumb as a doorknob. Don't ever accuse Windows of
    having AI, unless you're making a joke.

    Now for something more silly. I've used AVGFree antivirus for some
    time because it is pretty good, fairly fast, and oh... its free. Well
    the old version than ran fine in XP Vista kept whining about
    permission issues. So I downloaded a new "Vista Ready" version just
    hours ago.

    This is the "fun" part:

    I download the newest version, it installs. I let it download the
    latest updates for new viruses, that installs. I let it do a full scan
    of my system. That works fine. It is sitting in the task tray where it
    always does in the background. I reboot, to see if my desktop
    restores, don't, and now Vista is nagging that AVGFree antivirus is
    causing a problem and you guessed it, Vista nags it has to shut it
    down. Grrrr!

    Wait a minute, I just downloaded a upgrade that's "Vista Ready".
    Certified to work with Vista. It DID work. It done all its normal
    things including automatically download and install the latest virus
    patch database. I ran a full scan of my system, hundreds of thousands
    of files, almost a million... no problems found. Sounds like its is
    working to me. Now Vista says, get that program out of here...

    Some things never change.

    Well that's not exactly true. To rub salt into the wound Vista now
    nags WHERE you get to save downloads. It wants to put them where IT
    wants, not where you tell it to put them. I used to always download
    all Internet software I download right to my desktop, so I can find it
    quick when I want to install it. You can't anymore without jumping
    through hoops. If you try you first got to do the administrator dance,
    say please, and keep your fingers cross, go through several screens
    and then hope Vista to nag somemore about permissions. I get a kick of
    that, your the administration, and Vista shakes its finger at you and
    says, no, no, you can't do that.

    Remember folks, Vista is a big "improvement" right?

    Sorry, yes Vista has a pretty new face, some minor improvements you
    can see, (and I actually like) but sorry, Vista is proving to also be
    a royal pain in the butt and instead of helping you, more often then
    not wants to fight with you for "security" reasons that I'm guessing
    legions of hackers are already laughing their ass off at and have
    figured out how to bypass already, but for sure Vista has learned new
    tricks to piss off paying customers.

    I better not come within a 100 yards of any beta tester any time soon.
    Adam Albright, Feb 9, 2007
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  2. Adam Albright

    loaderopp Guest

    Get a real anti virus. What do you expect from a free virus scanner. how much
    effort can one expect from some wana be virus software. you get what you pay
    loaderopp, Feb 9, 2007
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  3. So little time and so many assholes that post to this newsgroup.

    Hint: AVG is one of the most popular and effective antivirus packages
    out there REGARDLESS of price, you stupid top posting know nothing
    dumbass troll.
    Adam Albright, Feb 9, 2007
  4. Adam Albright

    Dale White Guest

    Well Adam, I think you expectations are a little high. I mean, look at all
    the nVidia owners who have 8800GTX cards that said they are Vista Ready, yet
    are having nothing but trouble with the cards dur to bad drivers. This is
    AVG's first release for Vista. It is possible that they have an issue and
    the program isn't working as expected. It wouldn't be the first time a
    program caused data loss and corruption, Not sure you can totally balme
    Vista for that.

    Are you oppose to using Microsoft's Defender program for the time being ?
    Also, couldn't it be possible you just have a bad\flaky install ? Though it
    sounds like you just don't like Vista, Which is fine. I hate just about
    everything they've done to the interface and have 80% of all the new
    features turned off.

    It's a new product, that's has a learning curve for everyone. Like alot of
    people who aren't ready to deal with that learning curve, maybe you want to
    consider heading back over to XP until things get straighten out a little
    Dale White, Feb 9, 2007
  5. First, you can't uninstall Vista. Or sure, put XP back from scratch,
    but that would be another nightmare. I actually like some of the
    changes in the new Vista interface. However I got better things to do
    with my time (as I'm sure everybody does) than playing nursemaid to
    buggy Microsoft software.

    Frankly, the often heard "its a new product, what to you expect"
    defense is just lame. Vista is about the 12th major face lift in the
    20 years history of Windows and still Microsoft seems unable to
    release a version to the public that isn't buggy to one degree or
    another. That speaks volumes. More so, when Microsoft is by far the
    world's largest software developer. Maybe they shouldn't be if they
    can't get their act together and Vista is another sure sign that
    things still aren't well in Redmond.

    All the Microsoft apologists (read that most MVP's) are if anything
    amusing in their defense of their benefactor.

    Learning curve? Excuse me, I'm a very expenienced user. I worked with
    computers from the late 60's including mainframes and from time to
    time dabble in programming myself, but not like I once used to. You
    develop a sixth sense. My opinion, Vista wasn't ready. Period. The
    point that makes this old dog bark is again I ponied up to the bar and
    plopped down my $200 (Business upgrade version) like millions of
    others have or will shortly and again I'm assuming the position of
    bending over and grabing my ankles while Microsoft laughs all the way
    to the bank.

    Maybe Congress should take another look at how Microsoft does
    business. I can't accept the guys high up on the totem pole didn't
    know Vista was as buggy as it obviously is and released it anyway.
    Adam Albright, Feb 9, 2007
  6. Well, not to offend, but I would think a "very experience user" would know
    that Vista and it's apps were not going to be perfect out the door. Most all
    the guys who I work with, have zero interest in going to vista for at least
    the next year, they take that approach with every Application and OS. And
    there is a learning curve regardless of your experience level. I've driven a
    car for 20 years, but when I got my new car with all it's high tech gizmos
    and alerts, it was a learning curve to get use to them all. Vista has
    changed and moved things around, it doesn't work exactly like XP did. There
    is no dishonor in admitting you have to get use to the way Vista does things
    and works compared to XP. All of us are re-training ourselves

    I don't consider myself a Microsoft Apologist either. When Symantec released
    BackupExec version 9, it had scores of issues, then came 9.1, it had 54
    hotfixes, and then Sp1, then 30 more hot fixes and then SP2, then came
    Version 10, then 10 SP1, then 10D, now 10.D SP2, now they are up to version
    11. All in 3 years time.
    What version is MAC OSX on now ? How many sub releases have they done since
    the launch of OS X ? Why is it Microsoft is expected to be perfect on
    launch, but so many other companies are not ?

    If you don't have time to nursemaid buggy Microsoft software, then why did
    you upgrade with no option of going back to XP ? Surely a guy who's been
    working with computers since the 60s knows better than that. Heck, half my
    novice family members have said they're not going to vista until they have
    to. They have a working config, they are happy, Why upgrade just because
    something new is out ?
    Dale M. White, Feb 9, 2007
  7. Adam Albright

    AJR Guest

    Dale - Amen!

    AJR, Feb 9, 2007
  8. Adam Albright

    loaderopp Guest

    your system must be pretty unstable to begin with. I upgraded to vista with
    1 problem mcafee version i had did not work with vista! 1 email and a
    download later system runs smooth a silk! better then it did with xp. i have
    not had 1 issue with vista even my ati x1600 video card runs better
    loaderopp, Feb 10, 2007
  9. My XP system was rock solid and never had a BSOD until Vista came
    along. What really gets me is I wasn't planning on upgrading yet, but
    just for the heck of it I downloaded the Vista Upgrade Advisor and it
    passed my system telling me installing Vista wouldn't present a
    problem, so I went ahead.
    Adam Albright, Feb 10, 2007
  10. Adam Albright

    loaderopp Guest

    I never had any problems running Xp But i find it smoother and faster on
    vista. I was running Xp media version 2005 And i sure miss my fish tank
    screen saver. (my cat misses more then i do i think! ) But thats about all i
    miss from Xp. Vista handles du core a better then Xp thats the only reason i
    upgraded to vista.

    I still have Xp set up on another drive. I thought i might not be able to
    run some of my software in Vista. But that has not been the case so far
    everything i ran on xp has run in vista!

    All my hardware works without a problem even my removable card readers work
    without a problem that was one concern i had.... I remember the windows 98
    days (conflicts with IRQ shares with some hardware and having to set up IRQ's
    one at a time and not letting windows configuir the IRQ's Some hardware just
    cannot place nice together ( this might be where you are having a little
    trouble sharing IRQ'S
    loaderopp, Feb 10, 2007
  11. Adam Albright

    senad Guest

    I don't care what anybody says, "Vista" as of right now, is complete joke and
    waste of everyones time. It's the same as "McDonalds" giving you an uncooked
    burger and blaming the the guy at the register for not checking to make sure
    it was cooked all the way through.

    So far seems to be a few steps backwards from XP.
    senad, Feb 10, 2007
  12. I'm sure I'm inviting a flame here, but why is vista a "complete joke" and a
    waste of everyone's time ?

    Again, I'm no huge fan of it, as I think they spent too much time on the
    wrong areas, but one area they did tighten up is the security side. Of
    course, it will be broken by the dedicated hackers, but again, show me a OS
    that hasn't been.

    You analogy doesn't make total sense, you're going to blame McDonalds as a
    company because one McDonald's sold you a undercook hamburger ? As if that's
    the norm for Mickey Ds ? Millions of people eat there and like it, if you
    don't, then maybe the problem isn't McDonald's ?

    I guess this is required for every OS MS launches, I don't think they will
    ever launch an OS, that a few people won't call a joke or crap or whatever.
    It's Windows 95 all over again (and 98, 2000 and XP). Of course, I have to
    ask, if it's such a waste of time, why are you here ?
    Dale M. White, Feb 10, 2007
  13. Adam Albright

    loaderopp Guest

    Hello dale ! No flame here. like you i was waiting for a little more with
    vista then microsft released but it not all that bad, miss somethings from XP
    but it is more secure. Pretty hard for any company with a user base as large
    as it is, with has many choices in applications\hardware\and uses to make an
    O/s to meet everyone's needs and dreams i guess.

    there are lots of companies making software and hardware and to have all the
    stuff work without some hickup's would be a (*&&^^^&&*&^^%%$$$#
    loaderopp, Feb 14, 2007
  14. Adam Albright

    Bunny Guest

    Call me naive, and I also don't mean to offend, but nobody should really have
    to nursemaid anything that has been released as 'useable' (for want of a
    better expression!) to the consumer. It seems that all Microsoft want to do
    is to pretty much dominate the market and make a shed load of money from

    My laptop came with Vista pre-installed and there are some things that I DO
    like, but at the moment, there are more things that I really don't like at
    all and these 'annoyances/frustrations' are driving me around the bend!

    However, I do like the help that I've got from these discussion
    groups/forums though. People have made this a little more bearable than
    trying to struggle on my own.
    Bunny, Feb 15, 2007
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