bad internet connectivity in 5308

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by John Felts, May 5, 2006.

  1. John Felts

    John Felts Guest

    I have searched, and it looks like there arent many others having the
    problem I am. Not sure what is going on.

    Vista build 5308, P4 3ghz machine typical setup went without issues.
    My internet connectivity is insanely slow, or just doesnt work at all on
    most sites. Some work ok, like google, MSN kindof works.

    I disabled ipv6. I can resolve all DNS queries, it starts to connect, but
    hangs during the "transferring data". Sometimes it does go through, but only
    after a very long period of time. All windows updates have failed / timed

    Tried firefox, same issue.

    I even installed a different network card.

    Any ideas?
    John Felts, May 5, 2006
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  2. I had this issue in builds 5270, 5308 and 5342, just before 5365 was
    released,5342 started working properly. I disabled Protected Mode, did not
    help. Here is a bet, it has something to do with User Account Protection,
    try disabling it and browse again. The reason I say this, is because when I
    disabled it, my browsing experience got better. Also, in 5270, when I logged
    in as Administrator the Internet browsed normally, but when I logged into a
    UAP protected account, the browsing experience sucked.

    Click Start > All Programs > Accesories > Run > type in MSCONFIG > Tools
    (tab) > scroll down > select Disable UAP > click Launch. Restart your
    Windows Connected |
    Extended64 |
    Blog |
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], May 5, 2006
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  3. John Felts

    John Felts Guest

    Are these newer builds released to MSDN subscribers? Mine only shows CTP
    builds, 5308 being the most recent. By the way, the UAP did not fix my
    John Felts, May 5, 2006
  4. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], May 5, 2006
  5. John Felts

    John Felts Guest

    Ugh still cant figure out this problem.

    Anyone else have any suggestions on how to resolve it? Also, is there a way
    to completely disable IPv6 rather than just removing it from the Nic itself?
    John Felts, May 5, 2006
  6. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], May 9, 2006
  7. John Felts

    John Felts Guest

    Well crap, I just installed build 5365 and theres the same damn problem. Has
    to be a compatibility problem with something on here, not sure what it is.
    Going to try a different PC and see how it works out.
    John Felts, May 11, 2006
  8. John Felts

    John Felts Guest

    OK I finally found the problem.

    This article is exactly what I was expirencing :

    Anyone else know of compatibility problems with SPI enabled routers? Mine
    goes a little deeper than this article, in that even if I disable SPI, it
    still doesnt work. I have to disable the firewall completely for internet to
    work properly on Vista.
    John Felts, May 12, 2006
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