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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by pippin, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. pippin

    pippin Guest

    brining this older post back again as my current running version of Trend is
    due to expire 31st Oct. I realise they have issued an extended expiry date
    with a new beta release but on contact I am told I have to uninstall current
    and then install the new one. This should be Ok but I then remembered there
    was another AV outside of Avast (I didn't like this with beta2 as it slowed
    boot time a lot) AVG I would like but still could not get the kernel bug on
    booting fixed :(

    Found this post again with Clam AV working with Vista. I know it is not a
    resident shield although presumably I would have to be clicking on things or
    visiting sites which I wouldn't visit even with a complete army behind me.

    I always scan any file even if it has been through my AV & AT so the scan
    files manually is perfect for me plus I will find the Outlook plugin. Is this
    AV OK to use as a main one with Vista or is it really only for a back up
    scan/detect meaning I would need to install Trend again to extend the expiry?

    I tossed up with OneCare but have yet to find out if anyone really thinks it
    is the best for Vista atm - as my choice of AV is definitely not compatible
    and I can't get AVG to work on boot I am left with a new install of Trend or
    this new to me Clam AV. Thanks for any advice regarding this.
    pippin, Oct 22, 2006
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  2. pippin

    Ed Guest

    I started useing OneCare and it works great on Vista.
    Ed, Oct 22, 2006
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  3. pippin

    pippin Guest

    Does the constant running in the background not slow things down as you use
    your computer?

    I am not too sure if it is for someone like me who is not an Autoupdate type
    person. I like to know what is doing what and when it is doing it. Same for
    Windows updtaes with XP I don't use the auto update although I always get my
    updates just go myself. I will have to look more at One care at least for
    Vista as beta as I don't have many options atm for an AV which I like :(
    pippin, Oct 22, 2006
  4. pippin

    Lee Guest

    Lee, Nov 17, 2006
  5. pippin

    pippin Guest

    I have been using NOD32 for a few weeks now and am so pleased to have it
    working in Vista as this is my preferred AV :)
    The first release had one bug but with NOD beta RC1 issued last week the bug
    was fixed. A lot quicker to boot than with Trend. I was using Trend but one
    of there updates which included the scheduler crashed on me. They have fixed
    it now but I am staying with NOD as this is my main AV on my other computers
    and it works with Vista.
    pippin, Nov 17, 2006
  6. pippin

    socrfan Guest

    I've had great results using Norton 360 with Vista. No virus or spyware
    problems and it does a great job of security and optimization in the
    background. Install it and forget it. Here's a good review of it:,1759,2101117,00.asp
    socrfan, May 19, 2007
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