Best Practice for Set up your internet address and 2 different domains

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by jaredean, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. jaredean

    jaredean Guest

    I want to make sure i get this right the first time. I am setting up
    an SBS 2008 server and am to the point of setting up the domain. I
    have 2 - but, both are for different things. = remote access (don't need for e-mail, just RWW) = e-mail for company (don't need for RWW, just e-mail)

    It is my understanding that the "Set up your internet address wizard"
    will setup exchange (which i will need for as well as
    remote access (which is

    Another facet is this: i'm not using Exchange completely for e-mail, I
    am usign the POP connector to grab e-mail, which should
    complicate things a little bit more :) So, i don't want to set it up
    to be my mail server - per se...

    So, do i run the wizard and use and then add
    manually? That seems the logical choice...

    jaredean, Sep 6, 2010
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  2. jaredean

    Leythos Guest

    SBS does not handle 2 domain names for all functions well, you need to
    pick a primary domain name as the main one for all functions and then
    you can add email domains to exchange yourself.

    I happen to have 7 domain names for myself, companies, family, and two
    others. I have as the one I use for all functions, including
    RWW, the others are only for email.

    So, your RWW, Companyweb, VPN's, etc... will be attached to one public
    domain name for your SSL certificate/authentication to work properly.
    All other domains are just email domains.
    Leythos, Sep 7, 2010
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  3. jaredean

    jaredean Guest

    Thanks, that's excactly how i've set it only concern is having
    our main domain that i just setup for mail being blacklisted because
    it isn't the main one...for example, i can't e-mail anyone on
    craigslist because it says the DNS doens't match the RDNS...i'm using
    popBeamer for the mail, which i'm sure is part of the issue...the
    reason i'm using popBeamer instead exchange is because over 1/2 of our
    company is spread out over the globe and i don't want to be in charge
    of their mail issues if our server goes down, etc...let them Pop in
    and i'll pop down the people here at the just just having
    the issues i have now with trying not to get blacklisted that sucks...

    jaredean, Sep 7, 2010
  4. jaredean

    jaredean Guest

    Well, i've run into a snag - i set up the 2nd e-mail address according
    to the instructions here:

    and things seemed to work perfectly - until, that is, someone tried to
    e-mail a user that wasn't on the network but the same domain name. So,
    here is what i have. = RWW/SSL Cert/ETC. using the setup wizards = setup for mail using instructions above (popBeamer
    grabbing mail and putting it in peoples boxes)

    = on SBS2008 network
    = off sbs2008 network

    Well, when someone on the network tries to e-mail it
    delivers perfectly. BUT, when they e-mail it fails
    with the error: "the recipients e-mail address was not found in the
    recipients e-mail system" is a perfectly vailid
    user that pop3's his mail from the mail host in AZ.

    So, how do i have exchange send the message out to the ISP if it isn't
    a local user? any QUICK help would rock :) thanks...

    jaredean, Sep 7, 2010
  5. jaredean

    Jim Guest

    All email for a given domain has to be handled by a single
    destination. e.g. a given domain ( can only "terminate" at
    a single server. That's because the MX records are at domain level and
    not mailbox level.

    Your server has now become the definitive server for that domain.

    It sounds like you will need to set up your server with adiitonal
    mailboxes, and have those forwarding the emails to whichever account
    your AZ user is POPping them from. Either that, or get your AZ user to
    POP them from your SBS 2008 server instead.

    Jim, Sep 7, 2010
  6. jaredean

    jaredean Guest

    I wish i could use Exchange the way it should be, but many of our
    users are in other countries, different language issues,
    would difficult to have them be a part of our network - i'd prefer to
    keep them separate and have them POP in for their e-mail...i made that
    decision when i first got SBS 2000 and haven't looked back...

    When i setup 2003 i had this very same issue...i paid Russ to fix it
    for me and he did, but i can't remember his steps...i'll have to find
    his phone number so i can call and see if he can help again unless
    someone here knows?

    jaredean, Sep 7, 2010
  7. jaredean

    SteveB Guest

    SteveB, Sep 7, 2010
  8. jaredean

    jaredean Guest

    Are you kicking me out steve? :) Just, is the other
    forum replacing this one? i've noticed other microsoft forums moving,
    but thought this one would stay put...i guess not...

    jaredean, Sep 7, 2010
  9. jaredean

    SteveB Guest

    See the message on 8/31 from . MS is closing this
    newsgroup on 9/12. It has been pointed out that this newsgroup may continue
    without MS involvement, but I suspect that fewer and fewer will use it at
    time goes on.
    SteveB, Sep 7, 2010
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