Best practise for administration of local A-records in forwarded zone

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by peter, May 14, 2010.

  1. peter

    peter Guest

    Company ABC and company DEF are merging. Users in ABC need to access servers
    in DEF and vice versa. Windows 2003 dns-servers in ABC are conditional
    forwarding requests for DEF.COM to Windows 2003 dns-servers in DEF and vice
    cersa. This is all working fine.

    Now, the ip-addresses in ABC and DEF are not conflicting, except for a small
    number of networks and hosts. To handle these conflicting networks and
    hosts, network nat'ing is set up. To reflect this in dns, dns-servers in ABC
    and DEF must respond differently for approx. 50 hosts.

    Q: How can I have dns-servers in ABC doing conditional forwarding for zone
    "DEF.COM" as the general rule, except for a small group of approx. 50 hosts
    with nat'ed ip-addresses, that I administer locally on dns-servers in ABC?
    What is best practise and what is the smartest thing to do?

    To locally administer an A-record for "CONFLICTINGHOST1.DEF.COM", I can
    create a primary zone on dns-servers in ABC with the name
    "CONFLICTINGHOST1.DEF.COM", and create a no name A-record in the zone with
    the nat'ed ip-address. In this setup, clients in ABC will be able to ping
    CONFLICTINGHOST1.DEF.COM and get the nat'ed ip-address. I can create 50
    zones like this, one zone for each host, but what's best practise?

    Best regards
    peter, May 14, 2010
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