Best way to clone the desktop on a external and a laptop monitor thathave different resolutions

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by perbauer, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. perbauer

    perbauer Guest

    We have a couple of HP 2510p (internal display resolution 1280x800)
    and I wonder which is the best way to use an external monitor with it.
    I’d like to use a 20” wide monitor (resolution 1680x1050) and clone
    the desktop.
    I can easily set the whole thing up but the problems begin after the
    2510p has been un-docked. If I put it in the docking station and start
    it with the lid closed then Windows Vista doesn’t recognize that I
    have an external monitor connected to the dock. It doesn’t even see
    the laptops internal monitor and so it sets 1280x800 on the external
    If I instead dock and start the laptop with the lid open then it works
    fine. I can also almost every time close the lid after I logon and the
    20” keeps the correct resolution.
    There is then more problems if I un-dock as the laptop sleeps,
    hibernates or if it is shut off. Every time I try something else the
    computer sets the monitor resolutions differently it seems. Of course
    that’s not quite true but as I get more and more frustrated the
    computer does more and more stupid things.

    So for I’ve so far found these ways to controlling the two monitors
    and their resolutions;
    - Vistas built-in
    - Vistas normal Display Settings (looks as in XP)
    - Windows Mobility Center
    - The keyboard shortcut function+F4
    - The graphics cards driver software “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
    Driver for Mobile”

    All these fight about being the one controlling the monitors as far as
    I can tell. And to this I guess one can also add the projector feature
    in Windows Mobility Center… frustrating to say the least.
    perbauer, Jun 2, 2008
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  2. perbauer

    perbauer Guest

    Nothing? Doesn't anyone have any thoughts on this?
    Do you perhaps have another brand that handles external monitors
    better then HP does?
    perbauer, Jun 10, 2008
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