[Beta 2] Minor rendering bug, can't seek MPEG. Also, photo keyword

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by benryves, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. benryves

    benryves Guest

    Beta 2 fixed (nearly) everything I had issues with in beta 1, so thank you
    very much. :)

    One it hadn't fixed is that I can't seek in MPEG videos (WMV and AVI files
    appear to be fine). I don't even get a progress bar/tracker, and if I click
    on where the bar is it jumps to the beginning of the video.

    Also, some MPEG files appear as 0 seconds long in the library, and are
    skipped over when played. I'm not sure why this is - they worked happily in
    WMP10 and other media players.

    The minor rendering bug is the grey bar that appears under a track name when
    you hover over it in the library. If you show many columns, you can scroll to
    the right to view more details. However, the bar doesn't take this horizontal
    scroll offset into account, so if you scroll right then hover the bar still
    appears where it would if you were scrolled to the left.

    Whilst I'm making this post - is there any way of attaching keywords to
    images yet?
    benryves, Sep 4, 2006
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  2. benryves

    billerr Guest

    the grey selection bar problem occurred to me too. It's very minor, so that
    many don’t notice it, but this way it runs the risk of not being addressed.

    Photo functionality should be implemented, since WMP11 works as a photo
    viwer, but it seems that photo features will be left to the Vista photo
    gallery instead. However, one nice feature would be to be able to view
    photos in WMP without interrupting the currently playing songs. Till now,
    when you click on photos to view them in Now Playing, song playback stops.

    <DIV>&quot;benryves&quot; &lt;&gt; wrote
    billerr, Sep 5, 2006
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