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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by MICHAEL, Nov 9, 2007.


    MICHAEL Guest

    I've been a rather vocal critic of WLM and more so
    with Vista's Windows Mail. I still would not recommend
    WM, but WLM has made some definite improvements.

    Since I typically use Outlook for email, my biggest use
    for WLM is newsgroups. The overall performance has
    improved dramatically. Thank you. I've been using
    Thunderbird, but I may switch back to WLM.

    Just one thing, for now, I sure do wish there was an easy
    way to collapse the header bar like in Thunderbird... that's
    a big chunk of screen space taken up that could be devoted
    to the message I'm reading. Is there a way to get rid of it or
    make it smaller?

    MICHAEL, Nov 9, 2007
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    MICHAEL Guest

    Okay, I found how to get rid of the header.

    The setting is under "Layout". I still wish it was
    collapseable/expandable. Oh well, I am still pleased
    with how well WLM seems to be working.

    MICHAEL, Nov 9, 2007
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    badvista Guest

    I have found several bugs in this program...

    it was not ready to go out of beta...

    and the interface is still bad
    badvista, Nov 9, 2007

    MICHAEL Guest

    IMO, compared to what it was and most definitely
    when compared to WM, WLM has improved greatly.

    Since I only use WLM for newsgroups, I may not be seeing
    the same bugs you are experiencing.

    MICHAEL, Nov 9, 2007
  5. It isn't out of beta.
    The latest version is WLM *beta*
    Personal choice.
    [email protected], Nov 9, 2007

    MICHAEL Guest

    MICHAEL, Nov 9, 2007

    Ron Sommer Guest

    Add "Folder pane to the toolbar.
    This will allow collapsing and expanding the folder list.
    I don't know how many newsgroups you use. You may be able to leave the
    Folder list collapsed.
    Ron Sommer, Nov 9, 2007

    Bob Newman Guest

    Michael, perhaps you could reply as I also would only use WLM for
    newsgroups. What are the significant advantages you see over Windows Mail?
    One thing that particularly irritates me is that the newsgroup name in the
    folder list on the left will not stay consistently red if you are "watching"
    a thread. A MSoft MVP has confirmed this and says there is no workaround.
    I tried WLM a little while back and it did the same thing. What are your
    "likes" vs. WM?

    Thanks in advance... Bob
    Bob Newman, Nov 9, 2007
  9. Hi, Michael:

    Thanks for your latest impressions regarding WLM. Although I use
    Thunderbird for both e-mail and newsgroups, and expect to continue doing
    so since I'm perfectly happy with my own current setup, I would
    nevertheless be interested in trying out WLM to see what I think of it.
    Are there any complications involved in downloading and installing WLM
    that I should be aware of? It doesn't, for instance, automatically take
    over as the default e-mail client or newsreader, does it?

    Daze N. Knights, Nov 9, 2007
  10. I have a second question regarding WLM. What do you think about the
    following opinion of WLM quoted from another newsgroup?

    "It's a trick to get you to use Microsoft's online services. Don't buy
    into it. If you do, you're only furthering their goal of getting
    everybody to use thin clients and to pay fees for online programs
    instead of having them installed on your computer."
    Daze N. Knights, Nov 9, 2007

    Bob Newman Guest

    I've just been surfing Microsoft's web site and couldn't find it. Could
    someone please give me specific directions to the WLM download?

    Thanks... Bob
    Bob Newman, Nov 9, 2007

    badvista Guest

    Bob.... WLM is CRAP and so is Windows Mail, the abominative distortion of
    Outlook express.....

    and I thought OE could not get worse!

    You will see why WLM is crap when you have many email accounts and use
    newsgroups too....

    Its just not user friendly.. oh and its 10 times slower than outlook
    badvista, Nov 9, 2007

    Bob Newman Guest

    Play nice nice. I'm really just looking for a newsreader I like. Oddly
    enough I don't like Windows Mail; (Live or not) or Thunderbird. OE6 was the
    best for me so far. Any suggestions?

    Bob Newman, Nov 9, 2007

    LarryE Guest

    Don't listen to all those naysayers. Try it out for yourself. Here's the

    Good luck.

    I've just been surfing Microsoft's web site and couldn't find it. Could
    someone please give me specific directions to the WLM download?

    Thanks... Bob
    LarryE, Nov 9, 2007
  15. I use WM for newsgroups, WLM for mail. I make extensive use of
    WM's feature that enables rapid switching between "Show All Messages"
    and "Hide Read Messages." It is a shame that WLM didn't adopt that
    handy feature.
    Gary VanderMolen, Nov 9, 2007

    badvista Guest

    yes, you should use XP and OE6

    Vista is bad for other far more serious reasons that make windows mail
    crappyness a joke...
    badvista, Nov 9, 2007
  17. Gary VanderMolen, Nov 9, 2007
  18. WLM does take over as default email client and news reader, but
    that is easily fixed.
    Gary VanderMolen, Nov 9, 2007
  19. Whoever wrote that obviously hasn't tried WLM.
    There is no requirement to try or use any of Microsoft's
    online services.
    Gary VanderMolen, Nov 9, 2007
  20. Thanks for answering that question for me. So, it does automatically
    take over as default without asking you if that's what you want?
    Daze N. Knights, Nov 9, 2007
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