BitDefender ISS 2008, Eset ISS 3.0, "McAfee is Dead, Long Live McAfee"

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Mikailis Mordaunt, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Hopefully McAfee is in its death throes. reports that McAfee's ISS
    is 5.95 after rebate. If you can't sell your crap--hey, give it away.

    I just uninstalled the 2008 version of BitDefender's ISS trial. I don't have
    any real heartburn with BD, but as long as so many vendor's are offering
    free 30-day evaluations, I might as well shop around, right? BD never did
    anything squirrelly, although there *was* a stretch when BD stopped working
    on two occasions and popped-up a dialog asking me for my email address so it
    could email Softwin with some sort of "I died" report. It automatically
    restarted itself. Softwin didn't do anything until I contacted them and then
    they got back to me and asked me to attach 4 files to an email for their
    evaluation. BD seemed to work ok and it didn't appear to slow things down in
    any way I could detect. The thing I liked least about it was the level of
    control it gave me over scan targets. I couldn't see any way to say: "only
    scan this drive or this directory tree." It just scanned EVERYTHING.

    I installed Eset 3.0 ISS and right now it's performing a scan. Right off, it
    allowed me to specify scan targets, the one thing that irritated me about

    Interesting. Eset is supposed to be the Speed King, but subjectively its
    scan appears slower than BD's. Of course, that could mean many things.

    More, later.
    Mikailis Mordaunt, Dec 12, 2007
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