Black Screen when booting Vista 5308 on Dell 5150

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Richard Fennell, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. I have been battling with Vista CTP (5308) for a few days. I have now
    installed it twice now on my Dell Inspiron 5150 (80MB drive, 2Gb memory,
    bios A38) and both times it has installed fine, automatically updated the
    Nvidia FX5200 driver via Windows update and let me install applications,
    even rebooting a few times as I go along and ending up with a working

    However in both cases when I came back to boot it the next day it will not
    boot to a login prompt. I end up at a black screen (not a blank screen)
    showing the build number in the bottom right. If I try to boot in VGA mode
    or Safe mode I get exactly the same. I even tried booting with digital
    signing off again no effect.

    The only option seems to be a reinstall, a lot of work each day if I want to
    use Vista!

    It seems I am not alone in this problem, but normally most people can get
    into Safe mode and remove some offending driver. This is not an option open
    to me as Safe mode does not work.

    The most common theory seems to be it is the Nvidia driver; so I booted with
    the install disk, and opened a command prompt and had a poke around on drive
    C: I renamed the nv4_mini.sys driver, had not effect on the Safe mode boot,
    and killed the 'real boot'. This made me think it might not be the video
    driver, as you would expect the VGA or Safe mode work.

    I also thought it might be my Mcafee VirusScan 8 anti virus (though it
    seemed to run OK, but won't auto-update), so I renamed the Network
    Associates directory, again to no effect.

    So I am open to any ideas
    Richard Fennell, Mar 11, 2006
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  2. Richard Fennell

    GOplayer Guest

    From your note it sounds like you have managed to install McAfee? How did you
    do it? So far I have no luck getting it going and references I found so far
    blaims IE 7.0 & McAfee not playing together. Is your experience any different?
    CPU: Athalon 4000+
    RAM: 1 GB DDR
    HD: WD 250 GB SATA
    Optical Drive: Memorex CD-RW/DVD-ROM
    Floppy: 1.44MB Sony
    O/S: Vista Beta 2 Evaluation Copy 5308 (Installed: 7+ GB)
    GOplayer, May 7, 2006
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