Black screen with a mouse cursor after logon

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by tempicek, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. tempicek

    tempicek Guest


    something screwed up badly in my system so I can't use it. It boot properly,
    I can get to the logon screen, there I can put my password and everything
    seems normal till now, but then the screen goes black with only a mouse
    cursor displayed (I can move it), the system is obviously (harddisc active)
    starting up, but nothing is visible except the mouse cursor.

    I can use CtrlAltDel to get to the menu where I can log off or turn off
    computer without problem, but if I choose Task Manager, I get the black
    screen again.

    The same problem under safe mode, 640x480 VGA mode etc. I tried to restore
    from last restore point, but that point was the only one made and was created
    just before all of this happened to me and restoring it didn't help.

    Please, does anybody know anything about this issue? Some advice?

    Thank in advance.
    tempicek, Sep 15, 2007
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  2. tempicek

    Drumtrap Guest

    Exactly the same with me ,bought a ACER Aspire 6920 laptop a couple o
    months ago all has been fine up to now, I use the laptop for making an
    playing music and browsing the net i dont download directly to th
    laptop and dont visit dodgy sites
    my other half installed itunes on the machine to format her pod onlin
    I uninstalled itunes and it prompted me to restart but when I did afte
    i had it came up installing updates when all 3 updates had installed i
    just stoped at 100% and did nothing else for over 3 hours I had n
    option to shut down so had to hold power button , re started - syste
    restored but now after i sign into windows all I get is a black scree
    with mouse have tryed system restore 3 times going further back bu
    nothing seems to work hope someone knows whats going on , all the bes
    Drumtrap, Sep 17, 2008
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  3. tempicek

    Drumtrap Guest

    Ok into BIOS (f2) right at start of start up and just reset bios t
    default start up my screen went onto the black screen again but after
    min my desktop appeared and all is well , hope this helps ....Goo
    Drumtrap, Sep 17, 2008
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