Black window after minimize RDP-session window

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Grigoriy Breyman, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. How I can correct this problem?10:43:24 Grigoriy
    Initial Question/Comment: Black screen in RDP window
    10:43:30 System
    10:43:40 System
    Elyn has joined this session!
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    10:43:57 Grigoriy
    Good day!
    10:44:15 Elyn
    Hello Grigoriy and welcome to the TechNet Online Concierge. How may I assist
    you today?
    10:45:53 Elyn
    Do you mean you get the black screen when you tries to connect to the server
    by using remote desktop?
    10:46:00 Elyn
    * try
    10:46:12 Grigoriy
    I have problem with RDP connection. When I minimize RDP-session window to
    task bar and then maximize it - I see black screen.
    10:46:40 Grigoriy
    Not at the connection using time...
    10:47:23 Elyn
    I see. Then does regular desktop appear after the black screen appears?
    10:47:40 Grigoriy and this end..
    10:47:54 Grigoriy
    I'm sorry for my English....I'm speak russian only:)
    10:48:15 Elyn
    It's okay. I can understand it.
    10:48:25 Grigoriy
    ok, thx
    10:48:30 Elyn
    Did you get any error message?
    10:48:35 Grigoriy
    10:48:42 Grigoriy
    only black screen
    10:49:35 Elyn
    Okay. Are you running Windows XP or Windows Vista? And also, are you trying
    to connect to the Windows Server 2003 using remote desktop?
    10:50:12 Grigoriy
    clients: windows xp, windows 2000. server: win 2003 ent r2 sp2
    10:50:50 Elyn
    Thank you for information. Does it appear to all the clients connected to
    Windows Server 2003 using remote desktop?
    10:51:11 Grigoriy
    10:51:38 Elyn
    10:51:51 Elyn
    I would like to help you search and see if there is any information
    addressing your issue. However, please understand that we are not technical
    specialists. If I am unable to find anything relevant for your reference, I
    will also explain some other support options for you.
    10:52:10 Grigoriy
    10:53:46 Elyn
    I'm searching it for you. Just a moment please.
    10:54:04 Grigoriy
    10:55:01 Grigoriy
    maybe this problem "connected to" (sorry) hardware acceleration..
    10:56:21 Elyn
    I'll see if there is any document for your reference.
    10:56:32 Grigoriy
    10:57:31 Elyn
    Grigoriy, may I know if you get blank screen or black screen when you
    minimize and maximize Remote Desktop Connection dialog box?
    10:57:47 Grigoriy
    10:58:06 Elyn
    I see. Thank you for clarification.
    11:01:47 Elyn
    Grigoriy, I'm finding limited information addressing your concerns at this
    moment. I just found the following document that may do some help:
    A black screen may appear while logon by using remote desktop
    11:01:57 Elyn
    Troubleshooting Specific Remote Desktop Problems
    11:03:12 Elyn
    I would like to search it further to see what else I can find for you.
    11:04:16 Grigoriy
    I minimized the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box, and then my screen
    went blank.

    Cause: Using a password-protected screen saver can cause this problem. Your
    applications are still running on the remote computer, but you can no longer
    use them.

    Solution: Disconnect Remote Desktop Connection, or ask the server
    administrator to disconnect you.

    Solution: Do not minimize the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box if your
    computer uses a password-protected screen saver.

    Solution: Do not use a password-protected screen saver on your local computer.
    11:04:21 Grigoriy
    this is my problem!
    11:04:53 Grigoriy
    but I dont know why written "dialog box"
    11:05:38 Grigoriy
    black - it is not blank too?
    11:06:33 Elyn
    A blank windows means there is nothing in the windows.
    11:06:40 Grigoriy
    11:06:56 Grigoriy
    I have black color in rdp-session
    11:07:34 Elyn
    I see. I'm still trying to find something else for your reference.
    11:07:38 Elyn
    Thank you for your patience.
    11:07:54 Grigoriy
    what is patience?
    11:08:01 Grigoriy
    11:08:28 Elyn
    I mean thank you for waiting.
    11:08:37 Grigoriy
    11:12:29 Elyn
    Sorry for the delay.
    11:13:04 Elyn
    May I know if the clients are using RDP 6.0?
    11:13:28 Grigoriy
    5 and 6
    11:13:47 Grigoriy
    windows xp -6. 2000 - 5.
    11:14:30 Elyn
    Thank you for information. Then both Windows XP and Windows 2000 clients
    have the same issue, am I right?
    11:14:49 Grigoriy
    11:16:20 Elyn
    Thanks for it. I read some internal cases and found the following
    information for your reference:
    -- If minimizes her session -> then both get a black screen
    -- 6.0 to 6.0 -> has the issue

    -- 5.1 to 6.0 -> same issue
    -- 6.0 to 5.1 it works
    11:17:34 Grigoriy
    why you write to? server/client?
    11:19:30 Elyn
    Sorry for the confusion. It seems that if the Target machine has the 5.1 and
    the Monitoring machine has 6.0, there is no issue.
    11:20:12 Grigoriy
    target = terminal server?
    11:20:25 Elyn
    Yes, that's right.
    11:21:23 Grigoriy
    ok, 5 mins please
    11:21:52 Elyn
    Okay. Please let me know if you have any further concerns.
    11:25:42 Elyn
    How is it going there?
    11:26:02 Grigoriy
    you give me rdp-protocol version or rdp-clients versions?
    11:27:28 Elyn
    Should be rdp-clients. However, for such a technical or product-specific
    issue, I would suggest that you contact our support professionals for further
    11:27:48 Elyn
    They are the appropriate group to help you further with this issue.
    11:29:43 Elyn
    Would you like me to check the contact number for you?
    11:30:47 Grigoriy
    You give me two versions for server and for client machines.....but I didn't
    understand how client-version program may cause problem on the server-machine.
    11:31:02 Grigoriy
    You want know my telephone number?
    11:32:23 Elyn
    Grigoriy, please understand that we are not technical specialists. I just
    found there is an internal case discussing the similar issue. However, for
    your issue, I would suggest that you contact the support professionals for
    more trouble-shooting.
    11:32:40 Grigoriy
    11:32:43 Elyn
    I can locate the contact information for you to contact our support
    professionals if you wish.
    11:33:03 Elyn
    May I know which country you are located please?
    11:33:11 Grigoriy
    11:33:44 Elyn
    Okay, thanks. Let me check it for you. Just a moment please.
    11:33:59 Grigoriy
    ok, thanks
    11:35:38 Elyn
    If your company has the Software Assurance for Windows Server 2003, you may
    call (380) (44) 230-5102 during the business hours to reach our support
    professionals in Ukraine.
    11:35:53 Elyn
    You can also work directly with a support professional and receive a
    response within one business day by posting this issue in the TechNet Managed

    As a TechNet subscriber you have complimentary technical support through the
    managed newsgroups.

    Be sure to create a no-spam alias before you post. The alias is how you are
    identified as a TechNet subscriber.
    11:37:09 Elyn
    If you have any other concerns, please let me know.
    11:38:57 Grigoriy
    This is not my problem in software...this is problem of Microsoft
    Corporation. I think, MS Corp. must give me free support for THIS problem!
    11:39:33 Grigoriy
    please give me full information about protocol and client-program version.
    11:39:44 Elyn
    Grigoriy, if your company has the Software Assurance, then you may get free
    support incidents.
    11:40:05 Grigoriy
    This is not correct.
    11:40:25 Elyn
    you may need to call the support professional for further information. They
    are the appropriate group to help you.
    11:41:05 Elyn
    And also, if you don't want to use the support incident, you may try the
    TechNet Managed Newsgroups.
    11:41:14 Grigoriy
    you have information about protocol versions and client-program versions.
    please, give me it.
    11:42:34 Elyn
    Sorry, Grigoriy. I don't have it. In the beginning of our conversation, I
    have told you that we are not technical specialists. Therefore, for
    complicated technical issue, you may need to contact the support
    professionals for information.
    11:43:07 Grigoriy
    You have itL
    11:43:19 Grigoriy
    Thanks for it. I read some internal cases and found the following
    information for your reference:
    -- If minimizes her session -> then both get a black screen
    -- 6.0 to 6.0 -> has the issue

    -- 5.1 to 6.0 -> same issue
    -- 6.0 to 5.1 it works
    11:43:55 Elyn
    Grigoriy, I just found those information in the case. I have already copied
    and pasted it to you.
    11:44:40 Grigoriy
    I want know what does it mean this digits...
    11:45:33 Grigoriy
    -- 6.0 to 5.1 it works
    11:45:38 Grigoriy
    what is 6.0?
    11:45:44 Grigoriy
    and what is 5.1
    11:45:46 Grigoriy
    11:47:15 Elyn
    Based on my understanding, from clients using RDP 6.0 to Server using RDP
    5.1, it works.
    11:49:10 Elyn
    May I know if there is anything else I can do for you?
    11:50:46 Elyn
    Excuse me Grigoriy, but are you still there with me? I haven't received a
    response from you in some time. Would you like to continue our conversation?
    If not, I will go ahead and close this session.
    11:51:14 Grigoriy
    1 min please
    11:51:44 Grigoriy
    I have 5.2 on my server and 6.0 on my windows xp clients.
    Grigoriy Breyman, Feb 26, 2008
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