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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by craig, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. craig

    craig Guest

    If i have power save on my monitor ctx pr700 after some update sp1 or after i
    get this intermitent bug of my screen turning green yellow with blue lines
    and i have lost my 3 basic colors red green blue i now have red light blue
    black and the only cure i have found is not to go past sp1 or turn off power
    save on the monitor which says vesa dpms and i believe this keeps it from
    recalling corrupt settings. then the monitor never goes into true sleep mode
    shuts off and see red green blue bars and then it reawakens just fine. ctx
    has no monitor drivers for vista. It will hold the corrupt readings when shut
    down during restart too sometimes it bsods and it fixes itself sometimes it
    just starts to work but so far it has never done it with power save on the
    monitor turned off. this one wierd bug and have been trying to figure out for
    a couple months.
    craig, Oct 30, 2008
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