Boot Manager issue: dual boot vista 64 ultimate / windows 7 ultimate

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by mahesh_australia, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I have a HP pavilion laptop which came with 64 bit vista ultimat

    I shrinked the OS partition (160 GB), created new partition (40 GB) fo
    64 bit windows 7 ultimate. After installation of Windows 7, I cannot se
    the vista ultimate boot option when I boot my PC.

    When I boot into Windows 7, I still can see the vista partition. Bu
    instead of C: it is now displayed as E:

    I used the HP Recovery Disc to repair windows vista but I can only se
    a blank blue screen with the mouse pointer.

    How can I recover the vista?

    Thank you,
    mahesh_australia, Jan 26, 2009
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  2. mahesh_australia

    thecreator Guest

    Hi Mahesh,

    When you boot into Windows 7 Ultimate, any other partition that was the
    true C: partition is assigned another Drive Letter by Windows 7 Ultimate
    operating system. You made the mistake of not booting back into Windows
    Vista after you shrank the Vista partition and before you installed Windows
    7 Ultimate.

    You also complicated the matter by running the HP Recovery option,
    because it is based on the initial size of Drive C:, not the new size of the

    I would start over completely.

    Delete the Windows 7 Ultimate partition and increase the Drive C:
    partition and rerun the HP Recovery option. Once you can get back into
    Windows Vista, check operation.

    Now redo the shrinking of the C: partition. Before you reinstall Windows
    7, boot into Windows Vista to check operation.

    After you boot into Windows 7 Ultimate, the Vista partition will have
    another Drive Letter associated with it.

    But, after you select Vista to boot into, Windows 7 Ultimate will be
    another Drive Letter associated with it from the viewpoint of Vista.
    thecreator, Jan 26, 2009
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  3. Hi 'thecreator'

    Thank you so much for taking time in replying.

    The recovery DVD didnt help because I updated the vista to SP1. I don
    have the vista original installation DVD as I am just provided only wit
    the recovery DVD.

    Now, my PC displays the OS options in DOS as follows
    1. Windows
    2. Vista Ultimate (Recovered

    Previously I was not able to see this screen as it was directly bootin
    into Windows 7. I think the recovery DVD did something in the backgroun
    because as I said earlier that inserting the recovery DVD just display
    only the blue screen with the mouse pointer.

    Do you think it is safe to delete the Windows 7 partition from Vist
    and extend the vista partition? After doing this will I get a erro
    message that boot manager is missing or will I be able to log into vist

    mahesh_australia, Jan 27, 2009
  4. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    hehe mahesh... Ok.. Now I see...

    Ok.. before you worry too much.. yes.. even with updating to SP1 you
    can still recover your Vista to AS IT WAS WHEN DELIVERED.. meaning the
    original partitions too! (THIS takes a long time and you WILL LOSE
    everything on ALL partitions)

    BUT ! the good news is.. your problem is only a bcd problem (the boot
    loader of vista and W7)...

    If you can in recovery console.. log into either W7 OR VISTA as I
    stated in your other post and run the commands I said.. try first the
    Vista partition for example (which should add W7 onto the vista
    partition) and then you should be able to dual boot fine. If not, repeat
    the bootrec/bootsect in recovery console on W7 partition. If that fails
    too, write back. (if it works, you could also drop a note by the way :))
    lakmilis, Jan 27, 2009
  5. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    POST 2: mahesh... NO.. dont remove the partition yet.. be patient!!! A
    first of all... if you say that the recovery DVD doesnt give you a
    option to go into a system recovery command prompt /console (to typ
    things like dir, c: cd boot etc

    THEN since you have internet, find the site I was talking about.. I a
    sorry. I'm pretty busy myself right now with something and forgot th
    site.. but they let you download a recovery disc image for vista (x6
    too) which I personally used to fix a problem similar to yours a fe
    weeks back

    When you got that and made the disc and you can log in.. then like
    say, try on Vista drive (you should recognise it not by letter but b
    content... by typing 'dir' at the prompt without quotes obviously)

    bootrec /fixmbr etc etc.. when you rebuild, the bootsect program shoul
    find both vista and W7 and offer you to add them.. just click yes t
    both. and do it in the order I stated in the above post..

    Good luck
    lakmilis, Jan 27, 2009
  6. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    the creator... Windows 7 beta asn precisely that.. not a productio
    release yet.. much can change... sure.. to get best feedback we ar
    getting an equivalent evaluation as 'ultimate' but it's just confusin
    to call it that lol :
    lakmilis, Jan 27, 2009
  7. mahesh_australia

    SIW2 Guest

    Hello Mahesh

    You may find these useful

    'Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc — The NeoSmart Files

    'Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologie

    Hope it help

    SIW2, Jan 27, 2009
  8. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    There ya go.. thats the disc I was on about... it would save you both W
    and Vista with minor trouble but ah well...

    Even if you format W7 , your vista bootloader is corrupted and needs t
    be rebuilt as far as I can see. And I told you to be patient... T
    extend the vista partition when it is not* bootable , hence not stabl
    is just adding to problems lol... but ah well... If you really don'
    care at all about that partition vista (you certainly don't seem to hol
    respect for it or you would listen hehe).. why dont you just install
    factory image again dang :

    lakmilis, Jan 27, 2009
  9. Hi SIW2 -> Thanks for the wonderful information.

    hey Lakmilis, do you think that restoring to factory settings fro
    Vista will delete the W7 partition and reinstate my PC to how it wa
    when I bought it? If so, that will be the best option for me & I ca
    install the vista SP1 + other softwares again.

    sry for being a pain guys... I am a beginner and I've got only th
    Vista recovery DVD and NOT the installation DVD. This HP vista recover
    DVD was working fine until I updated to SP1. So, I dont want to regre
    after its too late.

    Thanks again
    mahesh_australia, Jan 28, 2009
  10. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    Mahesh.. the nice links provided by SIW2 are the ones I mentioned in th
    other post of yours... Yes had you tried them you would of been able t
    reinstall your bootloader (which is your problem)... By formatting W
    whilst you have a problem with either one of the operative system
    leaves you with fewer options... thats is why I recommended you not* t
    do it till you fixed your problem

    Ok but to your question... yes.. even if you update to SP1 , what yo
    are doing is upgrading your system.. just like putting on W7 ,
    different system. Hence when you tried your recovery discs.. the
    couldn't repair the SP1 apparently

    However... by choosing a complete reinstall to factory settings implie
    that the discs (regardless if your discs would have W7, Vista SP1, XP
    Linux, etc etc) will be wiped clean and reinstalled with the images o
    them (image meaning a 'copy' of a system)

    So yes... the vista recovery DVD and you choose a complete factor
    reinstall equates to a system you had at day 1

    NOTE... ALL your partitions and data will be lost.. (put anything o
    importance if you still can on external drives or so)

    Let us know how it turns out for ya eh :

    But yes.. from the first post, I could see you aren't exactl
    experienced. Please do NOT install BETA OS on your laptop then... it I
    asking for trouble ;
    lakmilis, Jan 28, 2009
  11. mahesh_australia

    lakmilis Guest

    AND... If you are successful and you are upgrading to SP1.. I am jus
    now , trying to make a 'somewhat foolproof' (for the above averag
    experienced user though) guide on top of other great guides on softwar
    called WAIK (composite package), vLite and windows updating to show ho
    to create an updated imagefile (like your recovery DVDs are). However.
    I am frustrated with some of the lameness of computer systems :p that
    am considering taking the shortcut of it all and just leave it be and d
    it for myself only.

    Ah well

    Oh and if you do download the tools SIW2 mentioned , burn it and manag
    to get into a console , then go to the other post and read the command
    I gave you.. (they are from that very site.. neosite in fact) from
    while back BEFORE you run the factory thing... your initial problem wa
    only that W7 had taken command of your bootloader (which starts up th
    systems) and somehow hadn't updated your vista partition.

    the /rebuild option I gave ya would and should scan your drives and ad
    the vista AND w7. this would be BEFORE you premature step of formattin
    W7 though ,
    lakmilis, Jan 28, 2009
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