Boot/Unlock/Sleep - icons lanks, system busy, can't logoff/shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by +Bob+, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. +Bob+

    +Bob+ Guest

    Vista, SP1

    I have a problem...stared out occurring when I went to sleep mode for
    a while or locked the workstation. Now I am getting it on a cold boot

    System comes up, but my desktop icons, with the exception of three or
    four out of sixty five, are blank - text shows but icons are blank (My
    Computer and Control Panel shortcuts always look fine along with one
    desktop folder). The system shows busy (hourglass). The disk drive
    rattles away excessively for a while.

    The hour glass never goes away, the icons stay blank. I can start
    programs by clicking on the blank icons and use them normally. A check
    in Process Explorer shows little activity with the exception of
    csrss.exe (after a cold boot) which is doing a fair amount of IO and
    getting 5% CPU - although when this happens with a return from sleep
    mode there is no significant activity so I don't know that csrss is

    I can do anything I'd like EXCEPT logoff or shutdown. The only way to
    shutdown is via a hard power off. Once I crash it with a hard power
    off and reboot, it works properly.

    Any ideas?
    +Bob+, Aug 3, 2008
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