Bowser not reconized

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Joe Mesot, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Have you tried uninstalling||reinstalling the Game Client itself, as
    suggested here:

    Good luck,

    Donald Anadell

    Donald Anadell, Jan 15, 2009
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  2. Joe Mesot

    Joe Mesot Guest


    Thnks for the advice, but the problem is not with the game client. I can
    play the game just fine using the same username and password that I would use
    to login to the website. The problem is that I cannot login to the website
    using my account's username and password. So uninstalling the game client
    wouldn't help much, but, as a side note, there was a patch that was released
    about a month ago, and there were some issues with the patch. Aeria
    recommended that anyone who installed the patch uninstall thier game client
    and then reinstall it. So, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it actually.
    They ended up getting the patch fixed before I could finish reinstalling the
    game, and it turns out there really was no reason to uninstall it in the
    first place. No harm done though, only had to wait a while for the client to
    reupdate to the latest version, but I still had the website login issue after
    this too. Thanks anyway Don.


    Joe Mesot, Jan 16, 2009
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  3. Joe Mesot

    Lia Guest

    Hi Joe,
    Microsoft's Technet sheds a lot of light on this problem which deals with "
    user-agent string detection errors ". Lamb's blog has an unsupported registry
    edit that will satisfy the browser version dilemma but I prefer to redirect
    the site issueing the error msg to a downloadable document titled : Internet
    Explorer 7, Tips & Tricks. It is directed to IT's at user sites & contains a
    section for structuring detection strings (JAVA). It's easy reading (even for
    non-techs) and gave me insight. My e-mail efforts have been met in a positive
    manner. Good Luck! PS: IE 8 will have a compatibility option that should work
    around this - but I will wait for the 1st cumulative update after full
    release to jump on board 8.
    Lia, Feb 13, 2009
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