Boy is my friend mad at me

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Nima, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Nima

    Nima Guest

    First my experience. I installed ie 7 B2 Today. Generally I like the
    changes. I wish I would have see more innovations. This is basically what
    the other browser ahem FXXXXXX gives you. I believe you need allot more to
    win back those lost customers. I believe the favorite feature still needs a
    bit of work (or maybe I need to get used to it). I really believe you need
    inline search that works as you type on the website you are on and in the
    history (this is something that FF is already offering).

    Now for what I did to my friends computer.

    He had just installed windows xp, updated it, installed all his programs
    and moved back his data. This process had taken him over 8 hours of work. I
    suggested that he should install ie7 b2. I raved that it is faster. I
    didn't tell him that it had crashed on me twice so far. Well with allot of
    hesitation he agreed to install it. Well few min later and after a reboot he
    had IE7. The problem now is that the darn thing crashed every time it
    opened. After messing with it for few min he decided he wants to go back.
    We found the add remove option in control panel and removed it. This is
    where it really got ugly. IE6 was back (other then the icon) but some of the
    sites he regularly visits would not work. For example he was not able to log
    into gmail anymore. He would enter his username and password hit submit and
    the page would load as though he had done nothing. Sitting there with an
    empty username and password field. I cleared the cache. I deleted the
    temporarily files. I removed the history. I removed all plugging. Nothing
    seemed to help. I used KB and tried vireos ways of repairing or reinstalling
    IE6. Nothing worked. after 4-5 hours of messing with it he decided to just
    start all over again. Pissed he started to reinstall.. Unfortunately he
    would never to use IE again.

    I suspect his problem might have been related to him having Chinese fonts
    installed. Although this might be the reason why IE7 didn't work
    uninstalling should have fixed all problems. By the way he did not have any
    antivirus, firewall or anti spyware software installed since this was a new
    system. And yes we did try system restore that didn't help either.

    A disappointed MS fanboy
    Nima, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. Nima,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I'm sorry your friend got mad at you. However you took some risks. This
    release is not even a beta, it's a beta "preview". We release it to showcase
    our work as well as to get feedback from customers like you. We do test it,
    but not the same extent as a beta, and even less than the very final version.
    So there is unstability, and glitches, while unfortunate, are to be expected.

    That said, you probably could have saved your friend the reinstall by using
    System Restore (in Start->Help & Support). Upon install, we take a snapshot
    of the system.

    I'll forward your feedback on the chinese fonts problem to our setup team to
    see if we can get a repro.

    Thanks again for helping improve our products.
    Sebastien Zimmermann [MSFT]
    Internet Explorer - Software Design Engineer
    Microsoft Corporation
    Sebastien Zimmermann [MSFT], Feb 1, 2006
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  3. Nima

    Bill Murty Guest

    Bill Murty, Feb 3, 2006
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