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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by phorest, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. phorest

    phorest Guest


    We have a new branch office and we will be using terminal services to access
    our main servers. Our SBS2k3 will be the license server and our 2k3
    Enterprise server will be the application host.

    Among my questions are...

    1:) Is it possible to maintain a mirrored set of files to guarantee
    failover in case of WAN problems?

    We have some pervasive/btrieve (7.9 engine) data files that [for the lack of
    a better term], I would like to be replicated between their root location
    (home office) and the branch office server. This does not need to be in real
    time, though that would be best. Even if it was something that could be
    accomplished on an off-hours schedule I could live with that. Most
    importantly, it should happen automatically.

    2:) Would/could clustering accomplish this? Is clustering feasible for a
    situation like this? I assume using DFS would fit in here somewhere.

    3:) Are there any other failover techniques I should consider?

    4:) Can the branch office (remote) server be a member server on our local
    domain (even though it is remote)?

    We'll have static cable IPs (2000 kbp sDown/756 up) at both locations. Are
    there any bandwidth issues that would seemingly negate what I am trying to

    Thank you for responding in advance.
    phorest, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. You can use the Distribute File System component to get this accomplished.
    If there are Gigs of data, then you will have to take the initial hit of
    getting the files replicate once, but after the initial hit, you are only
    looking at deltas being replicated immediately when the file closes. Now
    your only issue is the WAN link and the speed of that link. If you have a
    good connection, then DFS would be your best technology for maintaining
    that resource availability in multiple locations using a single namespace.

    Here is the link to the FAQ on Distributed File System


    Stephanie B. Doakes
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    Microsoft® Enterprise Platform Support
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    Stephanie Doakes [MSFT], Feb 1, 2006
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  3. phorest

    phorest Guest

    Thank you!
    phorest, Feb 1, 2006
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