brother mfc 240c, multifunction: ControlCenter3

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by SubtleFemLt, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. SubtleFemLt

    SubtleFemLt Guest

    hi everyone,
    Hope you are all well.
    Spent an entire day on the phone with Brother and HP. Have vista premium,
    HP pavillion m8100n. The Contrl Cntr 3 of this program dissappeared and
    error message says "Ctrl Cntr failed to start, registry information is
    missing..."CC3-001-00001907", then another message pops up and says to
    download the Brother Suite again. Have done uninstall and reinstall 5 times.
    Can't get to location of this info.

    Can anyone help?

    SubtleFemLt, Nov 27, 2007
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  2. SubtleFemLt

    John Sloan Guest

    I am having the same problem (error code: CC3-001-00001901). I have had nothing but trouble with this printer since the day I opened the box. I am done with it. I'm going back to my Cannon printer, at least it will do what I need for it to do!!
    I don't recommend Brother printers to anyone!!
    John Sloan, Sep 14, 2011
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  3. SubtleFemLt

    John Turco Guest

    Oh, John...did you notice that you replied to a message, posted way back
    on November 26, 2007? Furthermore, Microsoft cancelled Usenet support, in

    Nevertheless, I've no personal experience with any Brother products. The
    past four and a half years, a Hewlett-Packard "Photosmart D7160" inkjet
    printer has served me well.

    It's a superb and feature-rich device, which has given me few problems.
    I can't say the same things about its Canon and Lexmark predecessors,

    Also, my Samsung "ML-6060" (monochrome laser) is a solid machine, and
    capable of small office duties. It was purchased refurbished, during
    April of 2003.

    Good luck!
    John Turco, Sep 16, 2011
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