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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    I used to know but forget... Can someone tell me where Windows stores newly
    installed updates?

    I want to uninstall the damned browser choice notice now being presented
    every time I boot.

    I just wish that unelected, corrupt bunch of crooks in the EU Commission
    would butt out. It was they who forced Microsoft to punish us this way.
    Although it would also have been sensible for Microsoft to add a 'Do Not
    Show Again' button.

    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
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  2. Ed O'Brien

    Gordon Guest

    So CHOICE is bad? Maybe you should live in a dictatorship.
    Gordon, Feb 27, 2010
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  3. Ed O'Brien

    Don Varnau Guest

    I'm guessing, because I don't have this update installed, but try disabling
    the executable from Start> Run> (type in) msconfig> Startup> uncheck
    browserchoice.exe (or similar name) Restart. If you see a "system
    configuration" nag at each startup, check the "Don't show this again" box.
    Hope this helps,
    [MS MVP- IE]
    Don Varnau, Feb 27, 2010
  4. I don't know that it can be uninstalled. Have you tried making your choice
    of Browser from the "Browser Choice" screen?

    Good Luck,

    Donald Anadell
    Donald Anadell, Feb 27, 2010
  5. Ed O'Brien

    ray Guest

    You run MS, you do.
    ray, Feb 27, 2010
  6. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    You come over like the prat called Gordon I had reason to educate some time
    ago.... I'm not going to try to teach you to read but I suggest you find
    someone. Or maybe it would be better if you saw a doctor and got yourself
    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  7. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Good suggestion, Don but can't see it there. It's KB976002 which only in
    Europe presents a notice every time you boot offering multiple choices of
    browser. Trouble is, you can't stop it nor can you uninstall it as it's
    locked in. I'll use a Restore point if I can't disable it. The trouble then
    is, as there were several updates, they will all go. Then a 'Check for
    updates and leave it off. Just the hassle p****s me off!

    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  8. [Adding Windows Update newsgroup to the crosspost.]

    The Browser Choice update cannot be uninstalled.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Feb 27, 2010
  9. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Thanks Donald, maybe that will work. I have two browsers running and I'm
    quite happy with them but I guess taking a third won't hurt, tho' why the
    hell we're made to do this is beyond me.
    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  10. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Thanks. Found that out the hard way.... Does anyone know why Microsoft chose
    to lock this useless device into our computers. I know they had to show it,
    but why forever?

    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  11. Contact your local Member of Parliament or EU representative.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Feb 27, 2010
  12. Get your facts straight (and maybe read a newspaper every now and then): MS
    did NOT choose to do this on its own.

    Windows 7 and Browser Choice in Europe (31 July-09)

    EU ends Microsoft antitrust probe; Accepts browser choice (16 Dec-09)

    The Browser Choice Screen for Europe: What to Expect, When to Expect It (19
    ~PA Bear

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Feb 27, 2010
  13. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Another bad mannered prat...! Look at my original post... I cursed the arse
    of the EU Commission, so it's clear I know who's responsible for the
    advertisement. But why lock it in and why not a 'Do not show this message
    again' choice?

    If you don't know, you don't need to make a comment...! If you want to make
    a comment, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! And yes I'm shouting because you're
    f*****g dense!

    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  14. <plonk>
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Feb 27, 2010
  15. I have automatic updates off and check MS Update manually. I carefully
    avoided downloading that one. On MS update it does have a hide check box.

    Jean Rosenfeld, Feb 27, 2010
  16. Ed O'Brien

    Ed O'Brien Guest

    Thank you, Jean. I also have installing set to manual and I wish I had done
    the same as you and ignored it. As it is I have done a System Restore which
    got rid of it. Now it is the only one sitting in "Windows Update".

    (Sorry aboout the rude elements in the thread... Not my usual style in front
    of a lady)!

    Ed O'Brien, Feb 27, 2010
  17. Ed O'Brien

    MowGreen Guest

    Hide it by clicking the update icon and UNchecking the box next to it.
    Click OK, then in the next window that opens put a check in the box next
    to " Do not offer me this (these) update(s) again or I'll kill
    you " or some similar verbiage to that effect. <w>

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    "Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked

    MowGreen, Feb 27, 2010
  18. Ed O'Brien

    six-h Guest

    Ed, I know how you feel!! I've just posted venting my spleen about the same
    thing. lol
    Pity there arenot more helpful peeps out there!
    I've found a way to disable it: -
    Go to "Run" type "msconfig" select the startup tab and look for Microsoft
    Hover your pointer over each of them you find in the "Command" column and it
    will show a more helpfull label.
    Disable the "Browser Choice" one ....and it's gone, or so I've found!
    six-h, Feb 27, 2010
  19. I think the correct text is "Do not offer me this update again or I'll
    kill you *twice*"

    Just my way of saying your post helped make my day...
    Gene E. Bloch, Feb 27, 2010
  20. Ed O'Brien

    Smirnoff Guest

    Fortunately, I DID manage to avoid the "Choice" update.

    You say that using System Restore got rid of it, great. However, other
    posters are reporting that using SR does NOT remove it from their system and
    are being advised to use a registry hack to stop it running.

    Could it be that it depends on the OS whether SR works or not?

    Smirnoff, Feb 28, 2010
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