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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Jamie, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Hi folks,

    I just bought a laptop with Vista. I'd heard a lot of bad stuff about Vista
    and wasn't really interested in getting it, but found a good deal on a
    laptop right when I needed one, and Vista was the only option. I've been
    having so many problems in the week I've had it that I'm already pretty sick
    of it.

    Okay, here's what's happening.

    On my XP desktop, I've been using Firefox for ages, never had any trouble
    with it, really like Firefox much better than IE. Loaded it onto the Vista
    laptop and within hours, problems start. I'll be trying to get webpages to
    load and it just freezes up, won't do anything. Sometimes it'll close
    normally, sometimes it won't. When it won't close, even ending the process
    in Task Manager won't close it. If I do get it to close and reopen, the
    only way to be able to load webpages again is to reboot, where I encounter
    another problem--it won't reboot on its own unless I let it sit there for
    like 30 minutes. If I hold the power button down and reboot that way, it
    gives me the options for how I want to boot, etc, implying that it was
    shutdown improperly. It seems like most of the time, the problem starts
    when I'm trying to open a link from one page into a new tab. I've
    reinstalled Firefox twice and still had problems, so I got sick of that and
    tried other browsers. This is where it gets really weird. I had the same
    problem with Opera--almost exactly the same kind of issue.

    So please could someone help me? I have no idea what information you might
    need... um... it's a Compaq... Vista SP1 (with all the windows updates I can
    find except the windows search thing)... um... And I was trying to use the
    latest version of Firefox--3.0.3? Let me know anything else you might need
    and I'll gladly provide it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jamie, Sep 30, 2008
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  2. Jamie

    Just Facts Guest

    Install XP on it.
    Why fight the problem, OS?
    Just Facts, Oct 7, 2008
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  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Install XP on it.
    Because I can't afford to buy a copy of XP.

    Any other suggestions, please? I'm begging... I'm now having trouble with
    IE, too.

    Jamie, Oct 9, 2008
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