BSOD Stop error code when installing Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by bob42701, May 17, 2007.

  1. bob42701

    bob42701 Guest

    I found Vista Home Premium 32 bit oem version on tigerdirect for $115 and
    decided to get it.

    I keep getting this error code during the install process....

    Stop: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0x88ba0380, 0x86468680, 0x00000000)

    My system info:

    I built the computer myself like I do all my computers.
    Motherboard: gigabyte ga-8penxp
    Ram: corsair..2 512 ram sticks 3200
    1 Maxtor 120 gig hard drive on a sata connector
    1 Sony 810 dvd burner on a ide connector
    OS: Windows XP pro

    Note: this 32 bit oem version of Vista Home Premium does not allow the
    upgrade says I can not upgrade from XP pro to Vista Home....It
    only allows the clean installation option.

    I was running XP pro with NO problems.

    I wrote zeros to the drive aka low level format and then used partition
    magic 8 to set my new partition, set it active and format it as a ntfs drive.

    I put the Vista dvd in the drive and booted the pc.
    The black screen with the white progress bar saying windows files are
    loading starts.
    After the files are done I get the error code.

    I also tried reinstalling xp pro, downloading all updates and drivers then
    tried to install Vista.
    It only allowed a clean install as stated above but it got farther.
    It accepted my Vista key....
    Went to the screen where it....
    Copied files.....
    Extracted Files....
    it rebooted after extracting files and then I get the same error code.

    When I do a google search for the error code, all I get is info for these
    codes in regards to an XP install.
    I guess Vista is still so new that there's not much info out there yet.

    Oh yeah....I ran the Vista advisor before I bought it and it said my
    computer will run Vista with no problems.

    For now I'm using my server computer to talk to you.

    Ok all you really smart computer guys.......any ideas?

    I also tried these....

    Wrote zeros to the drive and let Vista format the hard drive like XP will do
    during startup of the install.
    Same error code.

    Wrote zeros to the drive....formatted it with the XP install...interrupted
    the xp install and put the Vista in to install it and got same error code.

    I just ran the ...Windows Memory Diagnostic and it found NO problems with my

    I got it here......

    I'm stumped
    bob42701, May 17, 2007
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  2. bob42701

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Remove the partition created by PM8, use Vista setup to create the volume
    and format it. The NTFS used by Vista is slightly different from previous
    versions, and I'm fairly certain the one created by PM8 is not compatible.

    Check for any BIOS updates from Gigabyte, as this can be a cause of problems
    as well.
    Rick Rogers, May 17, 2007
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  3. bob42701

    bob42701 Guest

    Ok...i found 1 bug....burned out usb laser mouse was hooked to it
    but the laser light quit working some time ago.
    I zero'ed the drive again....this time Vista started to install....formatted
    copied files....
    expanded files....
    rebooted and got another error code just like before.
    Only thing left for hardware issue is my ati x1600 pro video card
    I took it out and tried an older ati 9700 pro but it gave me the same code.

    I'm still passed the advisor but gives me this error.....hmmmmm
    bob42701, May 17, 2007
  4. bob42701

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Do you have the latest BIOS? That error when installing any version of
    Windows is often a BIOS problem.
    Kerry Brown, May 17, 2007
  5. bob42701

    bob42701 Guest

    Yes...I have the latest bios.

    I ran the advisor again and it said.....
    There are no known system issues preventing you from upgrading to Windows
    There are no known device issues preventing you from upgrading to Windows
    bob42701, May 18, 2007
  6. bob42701

    Rick Rogers Guest


    The key word is "known", as the the advisor cannot report on that which it
    has no knowledge of. You stated there was a bad USB port, did you disable
    this in the system BIOS?
    Rick Rogers, May 18, 2007
  7. bob42701

    Kerry Brown Guest

    The Upgrade Advisor is just what it says, an advisor. It is a useful tool
    for pointing out known incompatibilities. It doesn't catch everything. Here
    is how I would troubleshoot your problem. Note this is for troubleshooting.
    Once you figure out where the problem lays you can hook things back up and
    perform a normal install minus the problem item.

    1) Remove or physically disconnect everything not needed to boot the
    computer and install Windows. You need one hard drive, one DVD drive, one
    video card, one monitor, a keyboard and a mouse (preferably not USB).
    Disconnect all external devices including ethernet cables, printers, card
    readers, external drives, absolutely everything not needed for the install.

    2) Set the BIOS to the default settings. Make sure RAID is turned off in the
    BIOS if the motherboard has this capability.

    3) Run a memory test program for at least four hours. I like memtest86+
    ( Vista is very particular about RAM. Systems that never
    had a memory error with XP may not work with Vista because of marginal RAM.
    I like to run memtest86+ overnight just to be sure.

    4) Boot from the Vista DVD and perform a clean install. Delete all
    partitions on the hard drive and create one partition for Vista. Do this
    from within the Vista install, not with a 3rd party application before the
    install. Don't create any other partitions at this point. You may need to
    add a driver for the hard drive controller. Don't add any other drivers at
    this point.

    If Vista installs OK then start updating drivers and adding hardware until
    the system breaks. You have now found the problem. Note that it may be a
    combination of things or a weak PSU that finally gets overloaded as you add
    things back in. You may need to do further troubleshooting.

    If you still get the BSOD during the install with the minimal system then
    it's time to talk to Gigabyte about Vista compatibility.
    Kerry Brown, May 18, 2007
  8. bob42701

    bob42701 Guest

    Sorry for the delay in responding...I work 12 hour night shifts and its my
    weekend to work.....

    I unplugged everything except......
    Serial keyboard and mouse
    Ati x1600 pro video card (no onboard video)
    Maxtor hd on a sata connector
    Sony dvd burner
    NEC 90gx2 monitor

    I disabled usb support and raid in bios after resetting bios (i took battery
    out and put back in)
    I ran memtest for 6 hours and no ran perfect.
    I booted to XP pro and started installation.
    It copied files
    It expanded files part way and rebooted and gave me this error...irql not
    less or equal....this is a new error....maybe making some progress?
    It rebooted and rolled back to xp pro.

    I tried installing again with ethernet hooked up because there is an
    installation recieved this fine.
    it copied files
    expanded files part way and rebooted with this error....0x0000007F
    rebooted and rolled back to xp pro.

    So I tried doing the install by booting to the Vista dvd....
    It go to the first black screen where it shows the white progress bar and is loading files...
    After it loads the gives me the 0x0000008e error.

    This is so
    btw...thanks for all the help what?
    bob42701, May 20, 2007
  9. bob42701

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Try following the instructions in my last post :)

    You have to do a clean install deleting all the partitions and creating one
    new one for Vista. This will erase everything on the drive including XP so
    do not use a drive with data on it that you need or have a couple of tested
    good backups that you can restore after troubleshooting.
    Kerry Brown, May 20, 2007
  10. bob42701

    bob42701 Guest

    You must have missed the 3rd paragraph....

    I booted to the Vista dvd to do the install....

    After it loaded the files in the very first crashes to a
    0x0000008e code way before i even enter a cd key.
    bob42701, May 20, 2007
  11. bob42701

    Kerry Brown Guest

    I did miss that. I caught that you booted from the DVD but didn't realize
    you didn't get to the screen where you enter the key. You may have a bad DVD
    or the DVD drive is having problems reading it. The other possibility is the
    motherboard is not compatible with Vista. It's a pretty old board. The last
    BIOS update is from 2004. If it's the motherboard and Gigabyte doesn't
    release a new BIOS you may be out of lick.
    Kerry Brown, May 20, 2007
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