Buffer Overrun possibly caused by Norton Systemworks?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by PHGray, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. PHGray

    PHGray Guest


    This is a first for me, getting a "buffer overrun detected" message.
    So, after researching it, it appears it could possibly be a security
    issue, but I'm not sure if that's the case as I see online that
    Quicktime and IE seem to cause buffer overrun issues in some cases, so
    I'm wondering if it could be software related. Couldn't find much in
    that regard as far as Nortons goes. I did contact them, but have yet to
    hear back.

    I have Nortons SystemsWorks Standard 2008 installed (and after reading
    some previous posts, I take it a lot of people here don't care for
    Nortons, so maybe I need to remove it, not sure.)

    Regardless, here's what happened. Nortons was working fine since I
    installed it several weeks ago, at least as far as I could tell. The
    other day the computer was "sleeping" when One Button Checkup came on,
    which apparently "revived" the computer to run, at least as far as I can
    tell. Anyway, I saw it was running again and that OBC had stopped with
    the following error message:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Buffer overrun detected!
    Program C:\ProgramFiles\NortonsSystemsWorks\OBC.exe

    "A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs
    internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must
    now be terminated."

    I ran full scans with NAV, Defender and the Trend internet security
    trial software, that came with the computer. All came up clean.

    I tried running Windoctor and got a similar overrun buffer message. I
    could run Diskdoctor, which came up with a security descriptor error,
    that it apparently can't or won't fix, but I'm not sure entirely what's
    going on there. Something about a .bmp file not being correct.

    I've used computers since the DOS days, but I'm far from an expert, but
    I'll try and explain our set-up as best as I understand it.

    I'm running Vista Home Premium, 32 bit. I also have a hardware
    firewall via a router, and apparently a software firewall via Nortons.
    My husband set up the wireless network, and said it's "encrypted" or
    whatever one does to make it not available to others to see.

    I also installed Quicktime a couple weeks ago that came with a new
    piece of software "Starry Nights." When I first installed "Starry
    Nights", it caused a blue screen and the computer to reboot. I went to
    the "Starry Nights" website, apparently others have had issues with it
    and Vista as well, and did the recommended updates for Quicktime, the
    graphics card, hotfixes, Java and then Starry nights seemed to work OK.
    I bring this up because of the amount of "buffer overrun" issues I see
    online, associated with Quicktime, which may or may not have anything to
    do with my problem, of course.

    So, as I said, I'm wondering if this is a security problem or a
    software problem. I thought of uninstalling SystemWorks, then
    reinstalling it. But then I hear it's hard to uninstall Nortons altho I
    don't know how much that matters with a reinstall, plus apparently a lot
    of folk here seem to say to stay away from Nortons all together. I've
    never had problems with it before, but maybe I do need to reconsider
    using it and go on to something else.

    Thanks much for any info, advice or suggestions!
    PHGray, Feb 26, 2008
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  2. PHGray

    evan Guest

    Hi. I'm having a similar issue with Norton Systemworks Basic 2008 and
    Vista 32 bit Home Premium when I run the One Button Checkup.

    Interestingly, I also have an association with Quick Time. My Quick
    Time recently updated to a new version, and this is the first time I
    have tried the One Button Check Up since then.

    I get the same error message that says there is a Buffer Overrun which
    has destabilized the program integrity and that it must shut down.

    I am thinking two things?

    A) is it a hacking/worm issue such as the Buffer Overrun vulnerability
    that pre-Vista software has also experienced? Could malware be
    attending to my Norton program and shutting down the software when it is
    attempting to change some aspect of the malware program?

    B) Or is there some association with the most recent install of


    evan, Mar 25, 2008
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  3. PHGray

    Allan Guest

    The way to verify this is to uninstall Quicktime. I recommend that you
    inquire about this with Norton and run LiveUpdate frequently in case they
    address this problem with a patch.
    Allan, Mar 25, 2008
  4. PHGray

    PHGray Guest

    Here's what I ended up doing, which may or may not be of much help.
    After numerous back and forth emailing with Nortons, I was told at firs
    this problem could be caused by corrupted Norton files and to uninstal
    Nortons via the control panel, then download and use the Norton'
    uninstall tool, then to reinstall SystemWorks, which incidentally cam
    from a link provided by Nortons, and not using my disks. I don't kno
    if it was a different version or not, I had the 2008 SystemsWorks
    purchased on disk, but the downloaded version took a LONG time t
    install, for whatever reason, much longer than from disk. I was als
    told to do the install after a "clean boot", which I did, but after al
    that I still had the problem. I contacted Nortons again and they sai
    to boot up with just Windows and Nortons running, gave a link on how t
    do that, but the link to Vista wasn't working at the time, while th
    links for other OSs were. I did complain about that and I've notice
    since then instructions for Vista finally were available.

    But before then, I got tired of dealing with it, having spent a bette
    part of a day on it, and decided to completely uninstall Nortons agai
    and go with a different antivirus software, I'm currently trying a tria
    version of NOD32, and so far no issues whatsoever, that I can tell, an
    plan to rely on the Windows defragger etc. for those sort of tasks.
    Everything seems to be running smoothly. So smoothly, I'm reluctant t
    install SP 1 right now, LOL, figuring, if nothing seems broke, why fi
    it? But that's a whole 'nother topic of course. (BTW, if there's
    thread about that topic, that anyone is aware of, I'd really appreciat
    being directed to it.)

    Your post is interesting in that I wonder if it does indeed hav
    anything to do with installing Quicktime? Of course, my "solution" suc
    as it is, wouldn't tell you one way or another on that, but it i
    interesting that the error message started soon after installin
    Quicktime. Before then Nortons wasn't causing any issues that I coul
    tell and I had it on the Vista machine for at least a month or more.
    I'm still running it on an XP machine, where it's not causing an
    problems. I don't recall if I have Quicktime on there or not. At th
    least probably not the latest version that I had to install in order t
    run Starry Nights. Hmmm...perhaps Starry Nights has something to d
    with it all?

    Well, regardless, things seem fine now, I've done various and numerou
    virus and spyware scans since and everything seems secure, so i
    probably was some kind of conflict with Nortons, I'm guessing.

    PHGray, Mar 25, 2008
  5. PHGray

    Bob Guest

    Norton is known to cause many problems which don’t always appear
    I would only install Norton on Granny's computer if she was going to
    disinherit me.
    *Report back, please*
    [When responding to posts, please include the post(s) you are replying to so
    that others may learn and benefit from the issue]

    [How to ask a question]
    Bob, Mar 25, 2008
  6. PHGray

    shameem.m777 Guest

    Hi Evan, have you tried to uninstall the Quick Time and checked for
    the issue with the OBC ?? If the issue still persist, uninstall the
    Ouick Time and then the Norton System Works using the Norton removal
    tool from the web link http://www.symantec.com/nrt and then reinstall
    the Norton and check for the issue and let me know..

    Awaiting for your response..


    shameem.m777, Mar 29, 2008
  7. PHGray

    Bob Guest

    Norton is likely causing your problem.
    Replace Norton with the free AVG http://free.grisoft.com/ or Avast
    http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html, and Windows Firewall and Windows
    Defender. Disabling Norton is not enough. You need to completely uninstall
    it. If it doesn't solve the problem, get rid of Norton anyway. Norton is
    known to cause many problems which don't always appear immediately.
    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool.

    It's called "360" because Symantec's goal is complete ownership of your
    computer, and with even less communication about what it's trying to do or
    ways to configure it than ever before (which would only interfere with its
    goal.) That, along with Symantec's famous technical support, makes Norton
    360 a disaster that I would only install on Granny's computer if she was
    going to disinherit me.
    *Report back, please*
    [When responding to posts, please include the post(s) you are replying to so
    that others may learn and benefit from the issue]

    [How to ask a question]
    Bob, Mar 29, 2008
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