BUG in Vista's zip folders: you can't copy files to a protected fo

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by BillD, May 19, 2008.

  1. BillD

    BillD Guest

    if you copy a file from a zip folder to a protected location such as
    c:\program files\, the copy is done with success but the files are NOT copied.

    Windows Vista SP1

    Reproduction steps:
    1. double click on a zip file
    2. select a few files, right click and select "copy"
    3. go on c:\program files
    4. create a new folder named test, confirm the UAC prompt
    5. go on c:\program files\test, right click and select "paste" in order to
    copy the files
    ..... and the copy is done with success, but the files are NOT copied!!!
    BillD, May 19, 2008
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  2. Hardly a bug then, is it? It's just an oversight. There are a lot of rough
    edges on Vista when you look for them, but these are not 'bugs'.

    You do keep on trying to find one though, you loser!


    Synapse Syndrome, May 19, 2008
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  3. BillD

    propman Guest

    Try unzipping rather than copying........
    propman, May 19, 2008
  4. BillD

    PaulB Guest

    Works for me.
    PaulB, May 19, 2008
  5. BillD

    C.B. Guest

    I don't know what your problem is but it works for me. I click on the
    pasted file and it's exactly the same as the one I copied. It even executes
    when I click on it.
    Bug, my ass.

    C.B., May 19, 2008
  6. BillD

    asayk Guest

    I had the same problem with Windows XP, and the destination is not protected.

    The way I fixed the problem:
    1: In your file manager Folder Options/View show hidden files and folders.
    2: Go to your Temp Folder. It is probably C:\Documents and
    Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
    You can use the Command Prompt Set command to display the location of your
    temp folder.
    3: Find in the temp folder, multiple folders with the name "Temporary
    Directory <n> for <your zip file name>" Where <n> is a copy number and <you
    zip file name> is the name of the source zip file. For example "Temporary
    Directory 3 for MyFiles.zip"
    4: Delete these temporary folders.

    For me, the <n> was up to 99. Looks like windows has problems if you have
    more than 99 of these folders.

    I say it is a Windows bug.

    asayk, Jul 28, 2008
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