Bug Inquiry - Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working in Move Message Dialog Box

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Mark M Morse, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Mark M Morse

    Mark M Morse Guest

    Hi. This post reports what may be a bug.

    When an e-mail is highlighted in the message-list pane, and I want to move it to another folder, I type the key sequence CTRL, SHIFT, V to open the Move dialog box. At this point, I should be able to use the arrow keys and the page up and down keys to move the highlight up and down the folder list. This is sometimes problematic for me.

    Does anybody else experience any of the three following behaviors in WLM build 1606?

    1) Sometimes, I can hold down an arrow key and scroll through the entire folder list in the Move dialog box; other times, the list only scrolls one as far as one page and then stops until I hit a different arrow key; then I can continue as before for another page -- or maybe I can continue through more than one page.

    2) Sometimes, I scroll the highlight down a few pages toward the folder name I want when the highlight suddenly gets stuck on one folder while the list continues scrolling. At this point, there is a grayed-out highlight that continues to move from folder to folder, but the true highlight remains stuck on the single folder. Often, I cannot scroll directly to the folder name to which I want to move the message because I need to hit a different arrow key to get the true highlight to jump to the location of the grayed-out highlight (i.e., to the folder that I want).

    3) Sometimes, the page-up key stops working until I hit an arrow key; then it starts working again.

    ~ Markbot
    Mark M Morse, Nov 10, 2007
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  2. Mark M Morse

    Mark M Morse Guest

    Whoops. I've started using Microsoft's latest e-mail/newsgroup software release, Windows Live Mail (WLM), and I'm still learning how to use it.

    I somehow sent my original post to this group by mistake. Sorry.

    ~ Markbot
    Mark M Morse, Nov 10, 2007
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  3. Mark M Morse

    Charlie Tame Guest

    Interesting, however at least it is not a post about Linux and some in
    this group certainly qualify as "Sorry" so it's not entirely the wrong
    group :)

    The one positive result from a WLM point of view is that the "Send"
    button worked :)
    Charlie Tame, Nov 11, 2007
  4. Mark M Morse

    XS11E Guest

    You should also kill HTML when posting to newsgroups, I don't know how
    that's done in WLM, let us know please?
    XS11E, Nov 11, 2007
  5. Mark M Morse

    MICHAEL Guest

    Why don't you control your own viewing experience instead
    trying to dictate to someone else. Most newsreaders have
    a setting like this, "Read all messages in plain text".
    If your newsreader makes a mess out of formatting HTML
    to plain text, then find another or just STFU.
    If that doesn't work for you, since you holler about using
    your "bozo bin" use that method to control *your* viewing

    MICHAEL, Nov 11, 2007
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