Bug: Printing the find dialog box, should that be possible? ie7

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Andy, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest


    In ie7

    If I press CTRL+F to open the find dialog and then press CTRL+P then I get a
    printer dialog and if I say yes (hit enter) it prints out a 18 pages blank
    dokument at


    Quite annoying when you wonder what that was that came out of the printer!

    At least it could print out the page that I am viewing instead?

    can you prevent that?

    Also, the send feedback link under above when you are located in Sweden
    (English Ie7) is broken too, goes to

    and that page is broken.

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    link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
    click "I Agree" in the message pane.

    Andy, Jun 21, 2007
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  2. Andy

    Gistcheckin Guest

    1) Control Panel > Open Printers and Faxes
    Right click on Printer Icon and select Open
    Are there documents listed in the Queue?
    If so, click on Printer upper right corner and select Cancel All Documents
    Close Queue
    Close Control Panel

    2) Check printer driver
    Gistcheckin, Jun 22, 2007
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  3. Andy

    Andy Guest


    My printer queue is empty! A new print job is started because it tries to
    print out the find dialog form!

    res://ieframe.dll/find.dlg is the name of the printout (written at the
    bottom of every page).
    Andy, Jun 22, 2007
  4. Andy

    Gistcheckin Guest

    I reproduced the steps you gave CTRL+F, CTRL+P
    The print job went straight to the print queue. It did not go to the printer.
    Try uninstalling/reinstalling your printer driver.
    Gistcheckin, Jun 22, 2007
  5. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Huh? Again

    I mean, why should I be able to print out the "find dialog box" it self?
    Should not CTRL+P either be disabled in the Find box or print out the page
    that I am actually viewing in the browser?

    I am a professional developer , so I am no newbie here. Just annoyed that if
    I have the focus on the find box and press CTRL+P that a print job is started
    with no meaningful content!

    That I consider a annoyance or bug!
    Andy, Jun 22, 2007
  6. Andy

    Gistcheckin Guest

    CTRL+F calls up the Find Box

    Why don't you just use CTRL+P
    Gistcheckin, Jun 22, 2007
  7. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Of course I know that I can print out the page using CTRL+P directly!
    Everyone knows that!

    My bug report was regarding if I press CTRL+F to open the find box, then
    accidently press CTRL+P and accepted the print out popup dialog, that the
    content printed out was for me 18 empty pages and that the output is seem to
    be from the "find dialog box" resource?

    Because the name of the page printed out is res://ieframe.dll/find.dlg is
    the name of the printout (written at the
    bottom of every page). and that clearly indicates that the find dialog box
    was the "item" printed out!

    Do you get it now?

    You can even try pasting "res://ieframe.dll/find.dlg" in your address bar,
    and you will see what content that will appear.
    Andy, Jun 23, 2007
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