BUG: WMA files won't play after upgrade to WMP 9

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Ken Grierson, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Ken Grierson

    Ken Grierson Guest

    I've run into a problem with playing WMA files in WMA9.
    After downloading and installing the player and adding
    the WM828026 Security patch the WMA files I was
    previously able to play do not work.
    I've seen numerous posts here about this but not one
    answer as to why and what the fix is for this problem.
    AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz
    Asus MB
    512 Megs RAM
    Creative Labs Soundblaster PCI512
    HP CD Writer DVD combo 9900

    Windows XPSP1 Pro fully updated Security fixes and
    patches to October 31, 2003.

    WMA files in My Music by album and were previously
    playable prior to upgrade.
    All were licensed and I had done a license backup. It
    appears that WMA 9 install destroyed the license backup
    because it's no longer on my machine....

    Ken Grierson
    Ken Grierson, Nov 2, 2003
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