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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Omoks, May 19, 2006.

  1. Omoks

    Omoks Guest

    Oh Boy!
    Where do I start. I loved WMP 10. Never had a single problem with it. Even
    the Beta of WMP 10 was awesome.
    Now WMP 11
    It always takes a couple of seconds to play a song(3secs). What's up with
    with that. I have a 3.2G P4 and 1G ram so I know I'm covered plus WMP10 never
    did this.

    Every now and then when I play a video it comes up as a popup window
    labelled "activemovie player". NO it's not another program launching it
    because it can be controlled ie stop play from WMP 11 controls.

    Whats up with URGE. It's so slow, takes forever to stream a song (3-4secs).
    Yeah I have cable at 6M/bits

    By the way the interface is horrible, obviously this is debatable but its my
    personal opinion.

    Never had a single sync problem with my windows mobile device with WMP10,
    WMP 11 is a hit and miss with my Windows Mobile 5 HTC wizard. It's worse than
    Activestink 4.x(MS knows what I'm talking about when I mention AS)

    Also considering its a better I'll assume that the reource utlization is
    known because whenever I fire up WMP11 and I'm playing and media including
    pictures my system just begins to crawl.

    Now, Microsoft; I know this is a beta but I've been using WMP since version
    6 when it was just a black bos with the words windows media in the middle but
    this beta isn't looking good.

    I appreciate the sync and drop features. I welcome them but the interface,
    guys, the interfae sucks. Maybe its just the dark glass color.

    I love WMP 10. Hope you guys can fix these issues.

    Note: What makes itunes hot(and I'm no mac fan) s it's stability. People
    love stability in addition to simplicity.(interface wise). I love options but
    they need to be organized intuitively. No one wants to read the manual of
    WMP11. No one wants to read a FAQ. Todays consumer is impatient. If they
    can't get it to work in the first 5 mins they'll probably never look back.
    Omoks, May 19, 2006
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