C00D1197 - Suggested fix for W2K/WMP 9 users who cannot play audio CDs

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Blithe, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Blithe

    Blithe Guest

    After a month of frustration the Microsoft product support unit helped me to
    regain the lost function of audio CD playback. Your situation may be
    different so take this for what it's worth and good luck. Please note that
    my system was always fully functional except that neither WMP 9 nor RealOne
    ver. 2 nor W2K's CD Player would play audio CDs.

    My problem was caused by a random, unexplained loss of my (MCI ) Audio CD
    driver and compounded by the erroneous 'Help' procedure in the Windows 2000
    Hardware troubleshooter 'Help' file that did not properly explain how to
    reinstall the driver. The following procedure helped me to restore the lost
    driver and regain audio CD playback capability: Currently my RealOne
    application is the default player for my PC's CD audio filetype (.cda) and
    I'm sure that WPM 9 would do just as well if I were to make it the default
    CD player.

    Please try the following steps to reinstall the MCI CD Audio Driver: (NOTE:
    The hardware troubleshooter page in the Windows 2000 'Help' files that
    instructs how to install the MCI CD Audio driver is erroneous. The
    following is the correct procedure)

    1. Control Panel -> Add/Remove Hardware
    2. Click Next
    3. Select "Add/Troubleshoot a device" and click Next
    4. Select "Add a new device" and click Next
    5. Select "No, I want to select the hardware from a list" and click Next
    6. Select "Sound, video and game controllers" and click Next

    7. Select "(standard system devices)" under "Manufacturers" and "Media
    Control Devices" under "Models." Click "Have Disk"
    8. The "Install from Disk" window opens. Manually enter your PC's location
    for the System32 folder in the address window and click OK - Example:

    NOTE: If you try using the 'browse' function with your mouse to enter the
    address it may enter the wrong file. Key in the address manually! Good
    9. Restart the computer and check if you can play an audio CD.

    You might want to try checking Device Manager first to see if the icon for
    the MCI driver is displayed. W2K displays the MCI CD Audio driver icon
    under 'Sound, Video, and game controllers.'

    Happy computing!

    Blithe, Apr 30, 2004
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  2. Blithe

    Lynn Guest

    Hi Bruce, I'm Lynn, who was working with you on this issue. Thanks for
    posting the solution here. I am happy that you did this ahead of me.

    :) Hope more guys will benefit from this solution.
    Lynn, Apr 30, 2004
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