Cached lookups different on my two DNS servers

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by justmark, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. justmark

    justmark Guest

    I have two Win2k3 sp2 servers running DNS here in my domain. I'm not a DNS
    expert - just know the basics, but I'm trying to learn as much as possible to
    make sure that my system is healthy and optimal.
    Anyway, when I look at the cached lookups in each of these servers, one
    lists all of the domains looked up right under .(root) while the other has
    net/root-servers under .(root). Nothing is listed in root-servers.
    I guess I was under the impression that my two servers backed each other up
    - if one died, the other could cover for it, but I'm thinking now that that's
    not the case and wonder if it should be and how I should deal with this?
    Any good DNS tutorials online that you can refer me to would be greatly

    justmark, Aug 9, 2007
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  2. justmark

    wickydog Guest

    When a user lookup a IP address externally, it will locked into the cache
    lookup to make this specific site can access faster next time when the user
    access again. This is the information that will not replicated and the only
    thing replicated is those domain record and marked as AD integrated. You may
    not want to have same set of cache record and it may not required as the IP
    address can always learnt by external DNS server.
    wickydog, Aug 12, 2007
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  3. justmark

    justmark Guest

    Thanks - that helps. I was worried, but now I can just let it do its thing
    and not be concerned!

    justmark, Aug 13, 2007
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