Can a virtual PC join a domain?

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by BGCSOCAL, Jan 21, 2010.


    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Oracle says that they are not going to produce a 10g client for Windows 7. I
    have a new application that requires this version. I set up a virtual PC to
    run in XPMode. Part of the application works and another part gets a logon
    error. Why surveying the event logs of the servers today I saw that the
    XPMUser of domain VIRTUALXP-28481 has a logon failure. The timing is during
    the time I was testing the XPMode stuff. My question is can I join an XPMODE
    virtual PC to the domain? If yes, I assume that I would add a domain user
    XPMUser and give it some password. Is that correct?

    If you can't join the domain, what do you do?

    If I don't reply immediately it is becuase I ahve stopped getting replies.

    BGCSOCAL, Jan 21, 2010
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    Robert Comer Guest

    Yes, you can join XP Mode VM to a domain.
    Yes, or use another user...
    Robert Comer, Jan 21, 2010
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    Bill Grant Guest

    As Bob pointed out, you can change the password or you can set up a new
    user with a different name and password. You can also change the machine
    name if you don't like VIRTUALXP-28481.

    There is nothing magic about virtual machines or XP Mode. Once you have
    installed it, it is just another machine running XP.
    Bill Grant, Jan 21, 2010
  4. Yup, as I found out once when running a Win 2000 no SP VPC session on
    my laptop about five or so years ago at my aunt's house. She had no
    firewall system. I saw this bizarre screen coming up and I thought
    "Wow, that's Windows messenger spam. I've never seen one before"
    (Not the same as MSN/Live Messenger)

    Then I realized that there are viruses that hit non firewalled Win
    2000 systems with no SPs. I quickly unplugged the cable. And yes
    that Win 2000 VPC had three viruses on it. All within 10 minutes of
    starting it up.

    Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
    Tony's Main MS Access pages -
    Tony's Microsoft Access Blog -
    For a convenient utility to keep your users FEs and other files
    updated see
    Granite Fleet Manager
    Tony Toews [MVP], Jan 22, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Thanks to you all.

    So to be clear, I'm testing on my workstation, so I could join the domain.
    then logon as the original XPMUser and go back to settings and change the
    logon to my domain logon account?


    Thanks again.
    BGCSOCAL, Jan 22, 2010

    Robert Comer Guest

    So to be clear, I'm testing on my workstation, so I could join the domain.
    Robert Comer, Jan 22, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Domain joined fine. Application now works. Awesome!

    BUT after joing the domain I logged in as XPMUser to the virtual PC and it
    will not let me change the default logon to anything. I wanted to change it
    to my domain logon. IS there anyway to do this?
    BGCSOCAL, Jan 22, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Actually, maybe the question should be asked another way. If I added XPMUser
    to the domain, can I store that account's password?
    BGCSOCAL, Jan 22, 2010

    Robert Comer Guest

    You should be able to either way, but I don't have a domain here to
    test with, maybe someone else can help.

    Where are you trying to set the default user to log in?
    Robert Comer, Jan 22, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Right now I'm testing on my PC but when I go to put them on the floor I want
    to default them to the domain id of the person who uses the PC.

    Also, if you have the application up seamless and you just exit the
    application. I'm finding that after that the PC thinks the origianl app is up
    and won't let me delete the cache. Any ideas of why that behaviour?
    BGCSOCAL, Jan 22, 2010

    Robert Comer Guest

    Right now I'm testing on my PC but when I go to put them on the floor I want
    You should be able to, but I can't test that myself right now, sorry,
    maybe this weekend.
    The VM keeps running for a minute or three after you shut down a
    seamless app, so after that timeout, you should be able to. (it keeps
    running in case you re-open the app or another app right away)
    Robert Comer, Jan 22, 2010

    Bill Grant Guest

    You are still concentrating on the fact that it is a vm, and that is not
    your basic problem. Your basic problem is AD. If you change the name of the
    machine or change the username you are going to mess up the authentication.

    Sort out exactly what you want to call the machine before you join it to
    the domain. Set up a username in AD for the user and log on from the vm
    using that username. Use the format for logon to
    ensure that you do a domain login.
    Bill Grant, Jan 22, 2010
  13. After serious thinking BGCSOCAL wrote :
    When the VM isn't running, open the settings for it and delete the
    Saved Credentials. That'll let you save new ones.
    Karl E. Peterson, Jan 23, 2010
  14. After serious thinking BGCSOCAL wrote :
    When the VM isn't running, open the settings for it and delete the
    Saved Credentials. That'll let you save new ones.
    Karl E. Peterson, Jan 23, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Let me make sure I understand.

    when creating the VM, I use a domain logon versus the VMUser it wants to
    default to. Then, theoretically, I could use the same VM name on every PC
    and make the User the where the user name is the name
    of the person going to use the PC.

    Is that right?
    BGCSOCAL, Feb 2, 2010

    Bill Grant Guest

    No, every machine, physical or virtual needs to have a different name,
    especially if it is joined to a domain. The name of a machine has nothing to
    do with who created it.

    As far as networking and domain membership is concerned, there is really
    no difference between a physical machine and a virtual machine. The
    networking software and AD do not know or care about that.

    Similarly, the account you use to log into the domain is not related to
    the machine. All that matters is that your username is a valid domain user.
    Using the the format ensures that you actually log
    into the domain, not the local machine.
    Bill Grant, Feb 2, 2010


    Jan 29, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hello everyone! I bought a Lenovo PC two years ago but hadn't used it since the last year. Then I found I even can't power it up a few days ago. Who can tell me the reason? Thank you!
    jake1496, Feb 3, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Thanks, I get it now.

    BGCSOCAL, Feb 3, 2010

    BGCSOCAL Guest

    Mu office mate just delted his virtual machine and created a new one. IT does
    not allow you to enter the user name, only the password. this is Win 7
    Professional. does enterprise let you enter the name?

    If you meant to add a domain user later, that I did. The problem with the
    seamless app is that when I clickon the app soemtimes it picks the other
    logon and not my domain logon. This is nto a biggie for me, but my users are
    sort of computer-impaired.
    BGCSOCAL, Feb 4, 2010

    Magnusb Guest

    There is one thing to look out for when joining a domain with VMs. If
    you are making duplicates of an existing VM you need to change the SID
    for the VM. This is a "hidden" ID of each machine and if two computers
    (virtual or not) have the same computer SID then it will not work
    joining the machine on the domain.

    There is a tool, changesid which you can use to change the SID.

    Not a problem if you create a new VM though.
    Magnusb, Mar 3, 2010
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