Can I beleive it? nope

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by JethroUK, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. JethroUK

    JethroUK Guest

    I've been using newsgroups with O/Express for 2000 years (or so) :eek:) and a
    big problem for anyone using it regularly was the red highlighting of any
    group that contained replies

    Highlighting was fine, but once you selected the group to answer a post it
    changed to convention inverted selection (no reply highlight) so to find out
    whther there anymore replies you had to select a different group (then wait
    for it too download headers) to see if it was 'still' red -

    Ah! Here comes Vista with it's new kewwwwwwl squillion colour aero desktop -
    instead of using old-fashioned colour invertion for highlighting newsgroups
    it uses a neat 'ice-blue-see-thru' glassy effect (Vista can show any colour
    you like under the ice) - Great - it can leave groups containing a reply in

    yeah right - too easy
    JethroUK, Sep 13, 2007
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  2. JethroUK

    PvdG42 Guest

    Have you tried (worked in OE and works in Windows Mail) simply clicking on
    the watch column icon to sort your watched threads to the top of the list,
    to reveal all that have unread articles, then clicking on the Sent column
    header to return to original order when you finish?
    PvdG42, Sep 14, 2007
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