Can I install WinXP MCE 2004 over WinXP Pro?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by CJSnet, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Can I install WinXP MCE 2004 over WinXP Pro?
    CJSnet, Oct 13, 2003
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  2. CJSnet

    Jeff Griffin Guest

    Sure, just use the installer provided along with the MCE disks in your MSDN

    Jeff Griffin
    Jeff Griffin, Oct 13, 2003
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  3. CJSnet

    dodge9 Guest


    I haven't been able to get it to work. I've been able to install MCE
    2004 on an XP Pro PC, but MCE won't run. Are there any tricks to
    Sure, just use the installer provided along with the MCE disks in
    your MSDN
    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    dodge9, Oct 13, 2003
  4. CJSnet

    Jeff Griffin Guest

    Dont know, I always do a fresh install, just know that the installer exists.

    Jeff Griffin
    Jeff Griffin, Oct 13, 2003
  5. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Hi Dodge

    From my enquiries the solution seems to be install MCE v1 first, then
    install MCE 2004 over the top. WinXP Pro > MCE 2004 will not work, you have
    to do WinXP Pro > MCE v1 > MCE 2004. Sounds like a nightmare if you need to

    CJSnet, Oct 14, 2003
  6. CJSnet

    Christopher Guest

    I've actually tried WinXP Pro > MCE v1 > MCE 2004 and it didn't work. I had
    to restart from scratch (MCE v1 > MCE 2004). It seems that if you upgrade
    from WinXP pro it disables the MCE functionality despite installing the MCE

    I'm not saying that WinXP Pro > MCE v1 > MCE 2004 wouldn't work, I'm just
    saying that it definately did not work for me.

    Christopher, Oct 14, 2003
  7. Folks this is not a supported upgrade path. Media Center is it's own SKU an
    not an upgrade from XP Pro or XP Home edition.

    Ed Rich [MSFT]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Ed Rich [MSFT], Oct 15, 2003
  8. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Hi Ed, thanks, but Jeff (above) seems to think it is possible.

    Is there any way I can do the upgrade and get it to work. I basically don't
    want to lose all my XP Pro settings. Could it be as simple as editing that
    text file that is created in C:\ after running the first part of setup on
    WinXP Pro (not sure if MCE creates one too) but before reboot. I seem to
    recall in XP Pro that file deals with upgrade vs. full install.

    Any help greatly appreciated, even though it isn't 'supported', it must be

    (Remove TEETH to reply by e-mail.)

    CJSnet, Oct 15, 2003
  9. CJSnet

    adts Guest

    In fact it's really easy to do WinXP Pro to MCE and MCE 2004.....
    If U install MCE over XP Pro U need to convert XP Pro to XP Media
    Center Edition....(there is a program that is capable of doing this
    over the Net)
    After that simple step U just install MCE 2004 So:


    1. Install MCE over XP Pro
    2. Convert XP Pro to XP Media Center Edition
    3. Install MCE 2004

    Done :)

    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    adts, Oct 15, 2003
  10. CJSnet

    tzonkov Guest

    Is the conversion program legal? And if so, can you post a link?

    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    tzonkov, Oct 15, 2003
  11. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Well that's certainly good news. Here here for the link request. Let us
    take a look and decide if it's legal or whether to download.

    Presumably this would allow the installing just of MCE 2004 over XP Pro
    without the need for MCE v1? MCE 2004 seems to have all the files from what
    I hear. MCE v1 was just a bigger download from MSDN because it contains XP
    Pro as well. Let us know! Thanks.
    CJSnet, Oct 16, 2003
  12. CJSnet

    adts Guest

    It's illegal obviously.... U can have MCE OS only if you by a MCE
    You can't by MCE as a OS from a store or something else and can't
    build your own MCE PC, that's the ideia..(Buy a new PC)...
    That is why i won't post a link to that program, but here is a clue

    GOOGLE knows almost everything...

    P.S. I'm not sure if U are able to buy MCE OS without buying new
    If U can please tell me how..

    Legend: MCE == Media Center Edition

    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    adts, Oct 16, 2003
  13. CJSnet

    adts Guest

    I forgot... I heard a rumor that it's possible just to convert XP Pro
    to MCE and Install MCE 2004 without installing MCE before that....

    Yes MCE 2004 has all the files but it searches for MCE operating
    system, that is why i think it will be possible just to convert and
    install MCE 2004

    P.S. I haven't tested it, it's just a theory.

    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    adts, Oct 16, 2003
  14. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Ok I give up, can't find a hint of it on Google. You're just playing with
    us right? There is no program is there? :-S ;-)

    I can't see anything illegal about it as I have MSDN and am allowed to clean
    install MCE on a non-MCE PC. The only difference is I want to install over
    XP Pro rather than lose all settings. At the end of the day I'm still left
    with a non-MCE PC running MCE, which MSDN are happy with, so nothing

    If you're not happy posting a link then please post at least the exact
    Google keywords that bring up this program...

    If you're not happy with that please e-mail the link to me privately...
    christian at the-simpson dot tv

    If you're not happy with that, at least give more of a hint at the keywords!


    I'm sitting here just waiting for it.
    CJSnet, Oct 16, 2003
  15. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Okay, by searching Google for "install mce on xp pro" I can only find one
    result that claims to do it (the first one). Apparently there are more but
    I can't find them.

    This method claims to disable Windows Updates for MCE. Does anyone know
    where to find other methods that allow it to work fully?
    CJSnet, Oct 16, 2003
  16. CJSnet

    Christopher Guest


    You are correct, there is absolutely nothing illegal about building a MCE
    machine using your MSDN subscription when you use it for development of MCE
    third party software. The agreement simply states that you cannot use it as
    a production machine. So in theory, you can't just build one for the sake
    of using it in your living room.

    With that said, I'm really curious why you seem to be so set on building a
    MCE 2004 machine over XP Pro? Why not just start fresh with your MCE ver1
    images? I know you mentioned wanting to keep your XP settings and that
    makes sense but at what expense? I bit the bullet and overwrote my XP Pro
    image when I built my MCE 2004. Then took a whole night reinstalling Visual
    Studio, Office, etc. etc. My data is kept on my file server so that wasn't
    a problem. But now that it's done, it's done.

    I honestly don't know why Microsoft chose not to allow you to upgrade from
    XP Pro. If MCE is indeed a superset of XP, I don't see the problem.
    Perhaps they just didn't want to test that scenario since it wasn't the main
    use case.
    Christopher, Oct 16, 2003
  17. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    It's really just what I said and nothing else. I *hate* losing all my
    months of custom settings. If Files & Settings Transfer Wizard worked
    properly and actually transferred all files and settings I'd be happy.

    Can you recommend a workaround such a exporting registry sections then doing
    a clean install and reimporting them?

    The other problem is my Vaio likes XP and the factory installed HD image
    comes with all the drivers installed and working. Starting from scratch
    with MCE will not only stop the Vaio thinking it's a Vaio, but will in turn
    prevent their 'reinstall apps' CD working, as it only works if it can see
    it's a Vaio.

    So really, as you can see, I need to install over XP Pro. MCE is just a
    100+MB program that runs in XP Pro, and I've found a couple of sites that
    claim to have workarounds, but as yet have not had a chance to try. Will
    update if I do, but in the meantime please let me know if you find a way
    that is supposed to work.

    CJSnet, Oct 16, 2003
  18. CJSnet

    dodge9 Guest

    You're not finding a way because it can't be done: XP Pro > MCE
    2004 or XP Pro > MCE v1 > MCE 2k4. You may get XP Pro > MCE
    v1, but that's as far as you'll get.

    Posted via
    Everything about Windows XP Media Center Edition
    dodge9, Oct 16, 2003
  19. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    CJSnet, Oct 16, 2003
  20. Does this mean that if you subscribe to MSDN you can get the MCE on a
    Windows XP-PC? I live in Denmark and have no
    option to buy Mediacenter PC's.

    Rasmus Bertelsen
    Rasmus Bertelsen, Oct 17, 2003
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