Can I Play the same content simultaneously throughout the house?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Bruce VistaWM, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Using a Vista Media Center, I want to play content (especially music or an
    internet radio stream) in several rooms at once, so that I can walk from room
    to room and hear the same content (program, song, ...). I have ethernet to
    all rooms and wireless. I also have cat 5e or 6 cables that I use for two
    telephone lines, so a couple pair of wires are unused on that cable in each
    room. I have amplifiers in each room, but not always a tv (e.g., a sound
    system (radio receiver) with an aux input jack). In some rooms, I have other
    computers, which could be used to connect to the media center computer.

    I have looked all over,but can't find an answer. All I see is how each room
    can pull content independently. I want that, but, in addion, I want the
    capability for all rooms to play the same content simultaneously.

    What do I need in order to do this?


    Bruce VistaWM, Jan 30, 2007
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  2. On 30/1/07 06:44, in article
    , "Bruce VistaWM" <Bruce
    This is hard to do due to the different latency each device will have. If
    you could hear two (or more) at the same time it might sound horrible.
    However here are three methods to consider (no MCE and/or Windows cannot do
    it itself).

    1. Buy a set of Sonos Zone Players. The Sonos system has a specific feature
    to allow playing in multiple rooms at the same time. The Zone Players would
    be streaming the music from your PC (or Internet radio stations). This is
    not cheap but it is by far the best multi-room solution around. See

    2. If you are using iTunes instead of WMP, then you could get multiple Apple
    AirPort Express units and put one in each room. You would use iTunes to
    stream music to each at the same time (or just one). See you can also get a remote
    to use in each room see (you would need one
    for each). Note: It is possible to share music between WMP and iTunes if you
    use the right formats.

    3. The cheap and cheerful approach is to install the (free) SlimDevices
    SlimServer software on your main PC holding all the music. Then on it and
    all the other PCs (or Macs) install the (free) SoftSqueeze Java client for
    the SlimServer software. The SlimServer software can then override and
    control the SoftSqueeze clients and get them all to play the same music at
    the same time, however it will not be quite as in-sync as the Sonos Zone
    Player system. Note: you could also use SlimDevices own Squeezebox hardware
    players (instead or as well as the SoftSqueeze clients). See

    Note: All three of the above solutions will work on both Windows AND Mac
    (unlike Microsoft, these other companies are not a bunch of operating system

    Note: The Apple AirPort Express solution is the only one which will also
    allow playing tracks purchased from the iTunes store.
    John Lockwood, Jan 30, 2007
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  3. Bruce VistaWM

    Mike Lowery Guest

    Use wireless speakers?
    I doubt Media Center supports it, but multicast could be used to broadcast the
    same stream to all computers on your network.
    Mike Lowery, Jan 30, 2007
  4. The problem you'll always have is keeping the rooms in sync - very
    small lags create almost intolerable echoes I'm afraid.

    Oh, I suppose you could look into some of the Bose multiroom systems
    available, apparently they're rather special.

    Crutchfield have some useful info guides, though obviously more hifi
    oriented and wanting to sell you lots of new kit ;-)

    The Yamaha MusicCAST bits look rather nice if you ask me.

    Cheers - Neil

    On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:44:00 -0800, Bruce VistaWM <Bruce
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Jan 30, 2007
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