Can I recreate a deleted user?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by gardener, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. gardener

    gardener Guest

    Our small company seems to have people leave & return on a regular basis. As
    a result I keep user account for "old employees". Currently, I have disabled
    the unused accounts. One thing that I would like to change is the global
    address list in Outlook. These old e-mail accounts continue to appear.
    Also, a recently created account does not show the newly created address in
    the global address list.

    What is the best way to keep an unused user profile in the SBS 2003?
    Is it possible to delete a user profile & then recreate the same profile,
    e-mail address, log in, etc.
    How can I alter the global address list in Outlook?

    Thank you for your time!
    gardener, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. Disabling the accounts is fine. I seem to get Exchange Server errors when I
    do that, so sometimes I put in extremely long passwords instead. I don't
    bother trying to remember them - I just change them again if I end up
    needing the account.

    You can delete and recreate the accounts if you prefer. The only thing is,
    new account ABC will not be considered the same account as old account ABC,
    so the newly created user will not be able to access resources of the old
    account, such as profiles, e-mail, etc. You can use the name over again,
    but the account SID will be different, so it's technically not the same

    As for the GAL issue, you're probably using Outlook in Cached Exchnage Mode,
    so changes to the GAL won't show up right away. Try hitting F9 while in
    Outlook to see if that refreshes the offline address book.
    Dave Nickason [SBS MVP], Mar 2, 2005
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  3. gardener

    gardener Guest


    Thank you for the quick response & help. I need to clarify a couple of
    things (which you may have answered & I did not understand). If I do not
    delete the accounts, I would like to remove them from the GAL. Is there any
    way to remove unused accounts from the GAL (temporarily)?
    If I removed the user will I be able to give them the same e-mail address,
    user name, etc? At what point do I give them a security Id? What does it
    matter if the SID is changed? I don't need them to get e-mail from years ago
    & I can recreate profile info.

    You are correct, we are using Outlook in a Cached Exchange Mode. The
    missing user did appear.
    Thanks again.
    gardener, Mar 2, 2005
  4. If you do not delete the accounts, go into the user's properties in AD. On
    one of the Exchnage tabs, there's an option to hide the user from the GAL.
    People can still send mail to the account, but they'll have to enter the
    exact alias to do so. The account will retain its e-mail addresses and the
    mailbox will retain anything it contains (or gets later). Make sure you
    remove the address from any distribution lists, or you could end up with a
    zillion messages in the mailbox.

    If you remove them, then recreate them, you can give them the same e-mail
    address, etc. The difference (why it matters if the SID changes): let's
    say I have a user account named Dave. On my desktop PC is a profile with
    all my documents and other files. I quit, and you delete my account. Now I
    come back, and you create another "Dave" account. My desktop PC's profile
    will not recognize me as the Dave it knows, so when I log in with my new
    account, a new profile will be created. I won't have access to my old docs
    and other files, other than that someone with admin rights could copy that
    stuff to my new profile.

    If you don't delete the account, I could just go back and start working with
    my old profile.

    I'm not saying one way is right or the other wrong - it's up to what works
    best for you. Personally, my only consideration is that more accounts
    equals more targets, so if I know someone is not coming back, I delete the
    account for security reasons. If I suspected that someone may come back,
    I'd leave the account for a while to see.
    Dave Nickason [SBS MVP], Mar 2, 2005
  5. gardener

    Kathy Guest

    You can usually stop the Exchange error with a disabled account by giving
    SELF associated external account permission on the mailbox in AD U&C. See


    Kathy, Mar 3, 2005
  6. gardener

    gardener Guest

    Thank you! It worked!

    gardener, Mar 3, 2005
  7. That does help. Thanks!

    Dave Nickason [SBS MVP], Mar 3, 2005
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