Can I run IE6 and IE7b2 at the same time?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by RMcCabe, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. RMcCabe

    RMcCabe Guest

    Is there any way I can run BOTH IE6 & IE7b2 at the same time? I have certian
    sites/apps that don't currenlty work in IE7b2. Thank you.
    RMcCabe, Feb 15, 2006
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  2. RMcCabe

    CraigMcK Guest


    From the blog at:
    Can I run the preview and IE6 at the same time?

    No, the preview is a system upgrade that replaces IE6 on your computer with
    the preview code.

    As Chris Wilson pointed out, "'IE' is actually a collection of system
    components - networking, browser hosting, core HTML rendering, printing, etc.
    When we install a new version of IE, we're installing it for all applications
    that use these system components - including the tiny iexplore.exe itself."
    Because of this, we do not support the various hacks that allow side by side
    running of IE6 and the IE7 Beta 2 Preview. Running with these could cause
    issues with the stability of a system.
    CraigMcK, Feb 15, 2006
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  3. RMcCabe

    benjam Guest

    There is a way to run multiple versions of IE at the same time.

    Go to:
    and download the version you wish to use. Then unpack that zip file into it's
    own folder (named after the version, such as IE55) and create a shortcut for
    IEXPLORE.exe and rename it to reflect the version of IE that it is (such as
    Interent Explorer 5.5). I use these to run IE7b2 natively, and IE6, IE5.5,
    and IE5.0 as standalones.

    There are other fixes available at that site for editing the registry to
    display the version number after the program name, so you don't get confused,
    just have a look around.
    benjam, Feb 15, 2006
  4. RMcCabe

    CraigMcK Guest

    Aye, they don't say you can't do it, but that it isn't supported and may
    cause stability issues =)
    DSAYOR I guess..
    CraigMcK, Feb 15, 2006
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