Can I run Outlook Exp on my Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Phiwin, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Phiwin

    Phiwin Guest

    Back in the 60s the saying about Ma Bell was "We don't care - we don't have
    to." The feedback on these threads makes me think that it's time to resurrect
    that saying.

    Microsoft is not the 2nd party - Norton and McAfee are the 2nd parties - we
    buy their software. Microsoft is the 3rd party that installs their oh-so
    software on our computers and then expects us to uninstall or disable the
    functions of the 2d party software in order for their 3rd party software to
    work. Truly Ma Bell thinking on Microsoft's part.

    So I give up - I'll not be using Windows Mail. The question now is whether I
    continue to have two computers running - my old laptop that has Outlook
    Express that has NEVER been a problem. Or can I move Outlook Express over to
    the new Vista computer? (The problem I'm dealing with is not a new one,
    rather it's one that has been kicking around here on the various discussion
    sites since last spring - that is that the antivirus programs seem to render
    WM useless, i.e., no mail in or out and no access to the messages in the
    folders with some lame excuse about the lack of memory etc. Yet here we are
    into Feb 2008 and Windows Mail and it's advisors are still saying dump the
    2nd party software.)

    I look forward to you constuctive suggestions - that I'll be able to read on
    my 5 yr old laptop running Outlook Express 2004.
    Phiwin, Feb 9, 2008
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  2. Phiwin

    Kevin Guest

    Windows Mail is the replacement for Outlook Express. You can't run OE on a
    Vista system. You can try using Windows Live Mail. I have four security
    applications running on my Vista Premium system and have no issues with
    Windows Mail. You need to take a look at the settings for your security
    software. Disable any email scanning that may be taking place.
    Kevin, Feb 9, 2008
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  3. I don't understand your argument about 2nd party versus 3rd party.
    Having worked with computers for some 42 years, I know that the
    OS is supreme, and apps that want to run on that OS had better
    play by the OS's rules!

    If Microsoft never improved their OS (Windows), all the old apps
    would continue to run, but at what cost to security? The bad guys
    (hackers) are getting smarter all the time, and the OS had better
    evolve in order to counter this onslaught.

    No, OE won't install or run on Vista.
    Windows Live Mail (touted by MS as a replacement for Windows Mail)
    seems more resistant to corruption from antivirus programs,
    so you may want to give WLM a try:
    Gary VanderMolen, Feb 9, 2008
  4. can Windows Live Mail be a news reader ? cheers : )
    ¡°James~¤pª¯¡°, Feb 10, 2008
  5. Phiwin

    mac Guest

    Can be? It is.

    Please do not post to newsgroups in rich text.
    mac, Feb 10, 2008
  6. Actually, he didn't post in Rich Text, but I have noticed that anytime
    a post uses charset="big5", WM displays it with a strange font, which is
    retained when replying to it.
    Gary VanderMolen, Feb 10, 2008
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