Can I use Server 2008 product key to replace Server 2003 product k

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by Downtime!, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Downtime!

    Downtime! Guest

    Probably the wrong forum, but I couldn't locate any more suitable.

    We have 7 servers currently running Server 2003 Std, but the product keys
    are owned by the company that used to run the network for us. This has all
    been brought back in house now and my boss purchased 7 Server 2008 Std
    licenses, so we could initially use the product keys to replace the 2003 keys
    with, and eventually do the upgrade to 2008. Since I have a lot of testing to
    do with current applications and compatibility with 2008, I went ahead and
    tried replacing the 2003 product keys using the "change the OOBETimer
    registry value" and then running msoobe.exe /a to start the activation
    wizard. This has worked in the past, but when I entered our 2008 product
    keys, it gives me an invalid product key message. I know the key is good
    (after spending lots of time on the phone with MS to make sure), so is there
    an issue with using a 2008 key to activate 2003?
    Downtime!, Aug 25, 2008
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  2. Meinolf Weber, Aug 27, 2008
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