Can MCE 2005 full-screen run > 60Hz

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by MCE_ROCKS, Oct 17, 2004.


    MCE_ROCKS Guest

    MCE 2004 had no problem running at a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. However,
    when I force the refresh rate higher than 60Hz. for MCE 2005 I get a black
    MCE_ROCKS, Oct 17, 2004
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  2. Are others seeing this too?
    Ed Rich [MSFT], Oct 17, 2004
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    MCE_ROCKS Guest

    I will reply to my own post.

    I was able to force the display of MCE 2005 full screen at 100Hz or higher
    without having a black screen. So if you are using a program to force the
    refresh rates (like I am) at higher than the default headache inducing 60Hz,
    then you must make the rate 100Hz or higher. Apparently >60 Hz. and <100Hz.
    doesn't work.

    If someone can tell me why this is so, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    MCE_ROCKS, Oct 17, 2004

    MCE_ROCKS Guest

    Not that I know of. That's why I had to make my own post. My monitor
    displays an error when the refresh rate is less than optimal (ie. 60Hz)
    that's why I knew that MCE had forced the refresh down to 60Hz. But if
    you'll look at my follow up post, I was able to make it work using a refresh
    MCE_ROCKS, Oct 17, 2004

    Jason Tsang Guest

    This has been intentional due to issues of jittering.

    There was a white paper that described why the refresh rate would be forced
    down to 60 hz unless you are running a sufficiently high refresh rate (I
    think over 100 hz)

    Lemme try to find that white paper
    Jason Tsang, Oct 17, 2004

    Jason Tsang Guest


    MCE_ROCKS Guest

    Thanks Jason, for the link to the white paper. This information would be
    good to include in the MCE 2005 help files.
    MCE_ROCKS, Oct 18, 2004
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