Can not active "Turn on printer sharing" in Network & Sharing cent

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Guinlet, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Guinlet

    Guinlet Guest

    On my private network I try to share a printer connected to a PC running with
    Vista Premium.
    Since printer sharing is off on that PC, I click on the arrow button to
    select "Turn on printer sharing". But even after clicking on "Apply", printer
    sharing is not activated.
    I got no error message.
    File sharing is working well.

    Where does it come from ?

    Guinlet, Aug 24, 2007
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  2. Guinlet

    Malke Guest

    On which computer are you turning on printer sharing? Your post makes it
    sound like you are trying to turn on printer sharing from the computer
    to which the printer is *not* connected. You need to share out the
    printer from the computer to which the printer is connected, not from
    the one without the printer.

    If you are not doing the above, please post back with what you are
    actually doing, including the make/model of your printer and the
    operating system running on the computer that has the printer connected
    to it.

    Malke, Aug 24, 2007
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  3. Guinlet

    Guinlet Guest

    Thank you Malke for your feedback.
    I have a brand new Medion PC, with Intel V//V processor and a 3M RAM. A
    Lexmark X5250 inkjet printer is connected to it using an USB cable (I
    downloaded and installed the Vista driver from the manufacturer's website).
    Printer on that PC is working well. The problem appears when I want to share
    that printer with other computers on my wifi network.
    By the way I have exactly the same problem with a portable computer
    (Toshiba) running also on Vista and with a laser printer attached to it. I
    can not share that printer neither.
    That's why I don't think that the problem is coming from the computer since
    I get it on two different machines. The common points between both computers
    are Vista Premium OS and the same firewall (Bitdefender). Does the problem
    come from a Vista or a firewall setup ? I'm not convinced by the firewall
    explanation since files sharing is working and I'm not familiar enough with
    Vista to know all possible options.
    I'm puzzled !
    Guinlet, Aug 24, 2007
  4. Guinlet

    Malke Guest

    OK, did you share the printer? What does "can not share that printer"
    mean? What happens when you try? Remember that we can't see your
    computers and don't know what you've done. When you say "file sharing is
    working", do you mean you are able to share files between all the
    computers on your network?

    Take a look at this link to review file/printer sharing in Vista again:

    Malke, Aug 25, 2007
  5. Guinlet

    Guinlet Guest

    Thank you Malke. It is now working. I certainly did something wrong when I
    tried first.
    Guinlet, Aug 27, 2007
  6. Guinlet

    Malke Guest

    I'm glad you got this sorted. Thanks for taking the time to post back.

    Malke, Aug 27, 2007
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