Can Only Rip 1 Disc of multi disc cd, disc 2 overwrites disc 1

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Donny R, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Donny R

    Donny R Guest

    I'm using Vista and WMP 11. When I try to rip disc1 and disc 2 of multi disc
    cd only one will appear in the library. It appears that the info on the
    second disc is the info for disc 1 (Title, song titles, time, artist, etc)
    even though the songs are the disc 2 songs. I tried ripping disc 2 first then
    making a playlist and changing the song titles, etc but as soon as I rip
    disc 1 the only songs left are the disc 1 songs. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.
    Donny R, Mar 13, 2009
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  2. On 13/3/09 19:53, in article
    , "Donny R" <Donny
    WMP appears to do a poor job of handling multi-disc albums. In theory there
    is a meta-tag which says for each track 'disc 1 of 2' or similar, and you
    would think that would be enough to help WMP. However you are not the only
    one to post this sort of query showing whatever Microsoft are doing it is
    not an adequate solution.

    The approach I use is to use iTunes to rip all my CDs. This itself is not
    the solution, but iTunes uses the Gracenote CDDB database to lookup CD
    meta-data. The way Gracenote CDDB handles multi-disc CDs is to give each CD
    a unique 'album' name. For example...

    Pink Floyd's album the Wall which is on two discs come named like this
    The Wall [Disc 1]
    The Wall [Disc 2]

    On Gracenote at least the consensus seems to be to put 'extra' information
    that is part of an album name in square brackets. Another different example
    would be

    Nirvana [UK]

    to differentiate the UK version of this album.

    So to summarise my solution, I use iTunes to rip the CDs, iTunes uses
    Gracenote to uniquely label each disc of a multi-disc album, and I then add
    the iTunes folder to WMP, which reads the album names as set by iTunes and
    keeps the two discs listed separately in WMP.

    You could do a similar approach manually in WMP by ripping the first CD,
    renaming the album name in a similar style "Your Album [Disc 1]" and then
    rip the second disc and renaming it also.
    John Lockwood, Mar 17, 2009
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  3. Donny R

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    You're referring to "set", which doesn't mesh well with a file-system based
    world and thus isn't used for that sort of sort.

    The further bit about "album title should reflect this" is correct - it's
    largely that some rogue vendors don't have their metadata set correctly
    here, AFAIU. =\
    zachd [MSFT], Mar 17, 2009
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