Can send mail on Tiscali, not receive (apart from emails from Tisc

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by ChrisR, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. ChrisR

    ChrisR Guest

    Posted about this earlier but thought I'd check if anyone had any ideas
    what's going on before I finally cancelled my Tiscali standing order and
    changed over to a SKY package.

    Tiscali are adamant that there is no problem with their
    server and that it must be a Windows Mail problem, but when emails do arrive
    from Tiscali - my billing date information and an online survey asking if I
    was satisfied with my recent Tiscali Help experience (you can guess what I
    told them).

    I'm imagining that tiscali's own emails bypass their own
    server, or are sent directly from there and aren't 'trapped' when they arrive
    or whatever?

    Not sure, all I know is that no matter what the Tiscali advisors tell me,
    there IS a problem with their POP server; it might not have any problems
    sending mail to clients but mail which arrives there is somehow going AWOL
    and so doesn't get chance to to 'fail' when being sent (if that makes
    ChrisR, Sep 18, 2008
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  2. ChrisR

    mac Guest

    Does the Tiscali web site offer mail forwarding? if so set up a gmail
    account and try to POP that to your desktop?
    mac, Sep 18, 2008
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  3. ChrisR

    ChrisR Guest

    Unfortunately, to have emails redirected from my tiscali POP server to
    another account, a confirmation email is sent to my tiscali account to
    confirm that the account is mine and of course this just doesn't arrive.
    ChrisR, Sep 21, 2008
  4. ChrisR

    mac Guest

    But you should be able to confirm it from your account on the Tiscali web
    mac, Sep 21, 2008
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