Can someone point me to a step by step to forklift 2K3 SBS exchg to 2K3 SBS exch ?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by MMJII, May 22, 2006.

  1. MMJII

    MMJII Guest

    Hello All,
    I have a 2K3 SBS running Exchange. I have set up a faster server with the
    same 2K3 SBS.
    Server has 5 users presently, so i created the exact user accts. with the
    same passwords. Is ther a way to migrate the exchange info to the new
    Exchange is just used for calendar scheduling in this environment, so I am
    basically concernend with ensuring the calandar info is on the new server.
    Any ideas pointers suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    MMJII, May 22, 2006
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  2. MMJII

    Phit Guest

    There is migration tool with this but I'm not sure if that will include
    calendar. In your situation I can say you have only few data from the first
    server, why not just make another pst file (data file) within exchange and
    move/copy all the data from the first server then copy that pst file to the
    second server (new server) or to one of your client then open it with outlook
    then copy all the data from it to your new mailbox or public folder.
    Phit, May 22, 2006
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  3. MMJII

    MMJII Guest

    Yesther is info in these folders
    MMJII, May 22, 2006
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