Can`t delete e-mail message from inbox

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by kenny, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. kenny

    kenny Guest

    I have an e-mail in my inbox I can`t delete and I notice that this seems to
    be a widespread problem. I have Vista/Windows Mail and it`s a safe address.

    Have Microsoft found a cure for this problem yet or does anyone have a
    suggestion to help please.

    Best Regards

    kenny, Jun 29, 2007
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  2. If you are not willing to just ignore them, the only way is to delete both
    copies of the database (which does not contain the messages, but only
    references to them) and let WinMail rebuild it.
    First close WinMail, then use Task Manager to make sure there are no
    instances of it under applications or processes.
    Then click Start | Search | Advanced Search
    Check the box to include non-indexed, hidden and system files.
    In the Name field type WindowsMail.MSMessageStore and click the Search
    It should show you two copies. Delete both of them and re-open WinMail.
    WinMail will work in the background and recover all of the messages that are
    really there.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Jun 29, 2007
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  3. kenny

    kenny Guest


    Thanks for the prompt reply. I`m a bit of a novice with pc`s, if I follow
    the procedure you mentioned will my contacts and saved e-mails (of which
    there are many) be safe and kept.
    kenny, Jun 29, 2007
  4. kenny

    Peter Foldes Guest


    Yes they should be but it is always prudent to back them up before.
    Peter Foldes, Jun 29, 2007
  5. kenny

    retexan599 Guest

    I also had an unremovable message in my inbox and used the above
    procedure of deleting both copies of the message store. It did the job,
    but in the process, some of my folder names got messed up, and I had to
    rename many of the folders. Also all of my subscribed newsgroups
    disappeared so I had to resubscribe. Not writing to complain, but to
    amend the recommendation to note some side effects.

    John Hanley
    Sugar Land, TX
    retexan599, Jul 1, 2007
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