Can use help with Vista wakeup problem!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Flyerfan27, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Flyerfan27

    Flyerfan27 Guest

    If you seen this question already please accept my apologizes. I posted it
    about 2 hours ago, but I can’t find it.


    I have a new Gateway MX8734 Notebook; it is using Vista Home Premium. My
    system is completely updated using Windows & Gateway’s web sites. My problem
    is after waking from hibernate mode the first time I hit a key on the
    keyboard my Notebook freezes up. I then have to do a restart to fix the
    problem. I can use the Pointing Device Pad all I want without it freezing up.

    I was using hibernation a few times a day, but it is now disabled. So now
    when I get back to it the battery is always very low. Can someone please help

    One more thing; is there away to copy the sidebar gadgets from one computer
    to another through a network? If so can someone please direct me to a link
    that explains how it is done? I don’t even know where they are stored.

    Your help would be deeply appreciated!

    Thank you, James
    Flyerfan27, Jun 6, 2007
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  2. Flyerfan27

    vassos123 Guest

    vassos123, Feb 29, 2008
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