can you create multiple libraries like multiple playlists

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by skyrider, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. skyrider

    skyrider Guest

    I have CDs, LPs and cassettes loaded - I have manually added media info for
    LPs and cassettes - I want to be able to store in separate libraries as
    instrumentals, soundtracks, dance music etc without losing media info -
    losing media info seems to happen when I delete from library and then readd -
    I have 3000 tracks and climbing and get tired of redding info - any
    suggestions on how to proceed are appreciated
    skyrider, Apr 11, 2006
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  2. Not supported. The library is one per profile. You would have to swap
    the library file in and out to replace the "live" database. You may run
    into problems with metadata updates if you do that.

    When you get to 30,000 tracks, THEN you can tell me you're tired. Until
    then you're just in the little league ;-).
    Mike Williams, Apr 11, 2006
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  3. LOL Mike - you fan boy !

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Apr 11, 2006
  4. skyrider

    skyrider Guest

    Thanks for the info - and yes 30,000 trumps my piddling 3,000 - serious vein,
    do you manage all with Media Player or something else - Media seems
    cumbersome even with my few tracks
    skyrider, Apr 13, 2006
  5. I attempted to manage it with WMP but it had too many problems, so now I
    have a master library on an external HDD organized by about a dozen top
    level genres that reflect my prior shelving preferences, and then by
    composer or performer as appropriate. Media Programs NEVER get access to
    that library: I've lost too many files and had too much erroneous
    metadata d/loaded to trust any of the current offerings.

    At any one time, depending on disk-space I'll have about 10% of my
    collection available as a local copy under WMP. Anything new I've ripped
    gets archived to the master library after (1) main metadata and album
    art have been added, and (2) I've added about a DVD's worth of files. So
    I have the HDD and DVDs as backup.
    Mike Williams, Apr 13, 2006
  6. If you make sure to rip your tracks to MP3 only, iTunes works pretty
    well at the 10k region I have here, with the tracks coming off an NLSU
    network drive controller.

    Maybe Mike has tried it and can let you know if it works @ 30k tracks?

    WMP11 is much more responsive at searching than WMP9 or 10, so if you
    can wait for that to come out for XP it might be a good update to do.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Apr 13, 2006
  7. I'll be keeping a close eye on WMP11.

    There are issues other than speed with WMP10 for managing a large
    library. For instance you cannot search on fields such as Composer,which
    is very limiting if you have a lot of classical or jazz tracks in your

    My first impressions of the WMP11 library are that it is much faster ...
    at delivering a lesser experience. It demos very nicely with much more
    Album Art integrated, but it takes *much* more time to organize your
    music, and it is very easy to get lost in the views. It's like sitting
    in a musical pivot table. The default views seemed to be more predicated
    on the limitations of the underlying database than on what is useful to
    the end-user.
    Mike Williams, Apr 13, 2006
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