Cannot Attach Filter to usbstor.sys?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Unicoco, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Unicoco

    Unicoco Guest


    I write a filter which monitor write/read of usb disk by checking
    IRP_MJ_SCSI to usbstor.sys .
    It's a filter just above the pdo of storage device created by usbstor.sys .
    I write a .inf to install the driver ,but it dosen't work correctly. Here is
    the .inf

    Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
    Class=USB ClassGuid={36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000} Provider=%MSFT%

    DefaultDestDir = 12

    ; Toaster Device Filter Install Section


    ; DisplayName Section DeviceId
    ; ----------- ------- --------
    %ToasterFilter.DeviceDesc%=ToasterFilter, USB\Class_08&SubClass_06&Prot_50
    %ToasterFilter.DeviceDesc%=ToasterFilter, USB\USB\Class_08&SubClass_06
    %ToasterFilter.DeviceDesc%=ToasterFilter, USB\Class_08

    ;=============== Get the standard stuff from Toaster.inf==============


    ; Add registry entries here

    ;================ Add our own stuff
    AddReg = ToasterFilter.NT.HW.AddReg

    ;================ Add in the standard stuff provided by Toaster
    Include = usbstor.inf


    ; Toaster Device Filter Service Section

    ;Do not specify SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE on filter drivers.
    AddService = UsbFilter1,, filter_Service_Inst
    ;=========== This will add toaster as the service and make sure =====
    ;=========== that toaster.sys has been installed ====================

    DisplayName = %filter.SvcDesc%
    ServiceType = 1 ; SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
    StartType = 3 ; SERVICE_DEMAND_START
    ErrorControl = 1 ; SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
    ServiceBinary = %12%\UsbFilter1.sys

    ; Source file information

    1 = %DiskId1%,,,""

    UsbFilter1.sys = 1,,

    MSFT = "Unicoco"
    StdMfg = "Unicoco"
    ClassName = "Toaster"

    DiskId1 = "Usbstor Filter Installation Disk #1"
    ToasterFilter.DeviceDesc = "Unicoco usbstor With Upper Device Filter"
    filter.SvcDesc = "Unicoco usbstor upper filter"

    Your input will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.
    Sorry for my english.
    Unicoco, Nov 15, 2008
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  2. You are installing an upper filter for usbstor FDO. This filter isn't going
    to see I/Os going to the PDO enumerated by the usbstor. For that you either
    need to write a bus filter or write a device lower filter driver for the PDO
    stack. Find out which driver is being loaded for the child PDO and fix your
    INF file to match that.


    Eliyas Yakub [MSFT], Nov 15, 2008
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