Cannot connect client to SBS server via VPN. Error 721.

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Gordon411, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Gordon411

    Gordon411 Guest


    I've installed and setup SBS 2003. I went through the wizard and configured
    it for remote VPN access. It only has one network adapter and, as far as I
    know, I'm not using ISA.

    I'm trying to connect to the server via VPN and I'm testing it over the
    local network. My local computers can connect via VPN on the server's local
    IP address but if I try to connect on the external IP, it doesn't work.

    Using the external IP generates a 721 error. The VPN console finds the
    server and starts to establish a connection but then stalls at the 'verifying
    password' stage until it times out.

    Can anyone help?

    Is this an issue with ports or GRE on my router? The router is quite old and
    doesn't have many options for allowing VPN access. I've enabled ports 1723
    and 47 but I'm not sure about this GRE thing.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    Gordon411, Mar 8, 2007
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  2. Gordon411

    Anna Clark Guest

    Hi Gordon:

    You may find that you cannot do a loop. That is, you could only test a
    connection to the routers ip from an actual outside system.

    What is the name and model of the router?
    Anna Clark, Mar 8, 2007
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  3. Gordon411

    Joe Guest

    Yes, that's exactly what a 721/'verifying password' failure points to.
    There should also be an entry in the SBS System event log about it.

    GRE is *protocol* 47, not TCP port. Though allegedly some routers will
    forward GRE if you ask for TCP/47. Clearly yours isn't one of them.

    You may find the router can forward named services, in which case you
    want 'PPTP', which will forward both TCP/1723 and GRE. If you dig deeply
    enough, you may find a command-line interface to the router, perhaps via
    Telnet, which will offer much more power and flexibility than the web
    configuration facility. What may be harder is to get hold of the manual
    for it. The Netgear DG834, for instance, can use a poorly documented web
    URL to open a normally closed and invisible Telnet port.

    Have a look around the web to see if anyone knows how to pass PPTP
    through your model. Web forums are useful, but don't forget to try the
    Groups from Google.

    Or you can buy a new router for the cost of an hour of a consultant's
    time, or less.
    Joe, Mar 9, 2007
  4. Gordon411

    Gordon411 Guest

    Ok, I tried connecting via VPN from an external network and I got past the
    verifying password stage.

    However, the computer was getting to the "registering computer on the
    network" stage and then failing with a TCP/IP CP error 733.

    I've noticed that since messing around with our router and server, the
    router has DCHP enabled now and the SBS server does not.

    I'm going to fix this and enable DCHP on the SBS server again.

    Do you think this will fix the 733 error?

    If not, any ideas?

    Thanks a lot.
    Gordon411, Mar 21, 2007
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