Cannot connect to https: after installing KB890830

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by QuasiTechie, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. QuasiTechie

    QuasiTechie Guest

    After installing KB890830, I could not connect to the internet. Restoring my
    PC to an earlier checkpoint let me connect to the internet, but not to secure
    sites. Any suggestions?

    I would like a quick answer so I can do on-line banking and to file my tax
    return electronically. I'm getting a refund, so the sooner the better.
    QuasiTechie, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. QuasiTechie

    QuasiTechie Guest

    My apologies to Microsoft. The update in question was not the problem.
    Disabling the Norton's firewall let me get into both the Internet and into
    secure sites. And my tax return has been filed.
    QuasiTechie, Mar 12, 2005
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