Cannot delete or move some messages

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by jimyb, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. jimyb

    jimyb Guest

    I have 21 messages in my deleted mail folder that I cannot delete or move.
    The message body also will not display. Can anyone help me remove these.
    jimyb, Feb 12, 2007
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  2. Turn off the Preview pane (menu: View -> Layout -> Show preview pane),
    delete the messages, then turn the Preview pane back on.

    Usually does the trick.

    Carmine Castiglia
    PalmOS apps for engineers and machinists
    Carmine Castiglia, Feb 12, 2007
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  3. jimyb

    jimyb Guest

    I tried with preview pane turned off and it still will not delete the 21
    stuck emails.
    jimyb, Feb 12, 2007
  4. Steve Cochran, Feb 12, 2007
  5. jimyb

    Jim W Guest

    Jim W, Feb 12, 2007
  6. That was for an old beta and its rather crude in that it deletes the entire
    message store database. Its a not a fix so much as a shotgun approach. <G>

    Steve Cochran, Feb 12, 2007
  7. jimyb

    jimyb Guest

    Steve thanks for the utility it worked. In the deleted mail folder I would
    select empty contents of folder and it would only delete one at a time so I
    did it for each one and got rid of all of them. Thanks again.
    jimyb, Feb 13, 2007
  8. Great. At least it worked for someone.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Steve Cochran, Feb 13, 2007
  9. jimyb

    Tazdog55 Guest

    I found if you go to edit/empty deleted mail it will delete one at a time, a
    bit of a pain. You'd think Microsoft would address these issues in a more
    timely manner, but hey it took them what 3 yrs to really get XP running
    right, lets hope that they have learned a lesson & they get it right with
    VIsta ASAP.
    Tazdog55, Feb 18, 2007
  10. jimyb

    Virgil Guest

    thanks for the program steve..this helped clear out my junk mail folder. it
    took a couple of times of doing the repair before it took and I had to delete
    one at a time by clicking delete all contents.. and it would only delete one
    at a time but it worked!!!
    Virgil, Feb 24, 2007
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure if it would be at all helpful to

    Steve Cochran, Feb 25, 2007
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